Janam Fast Food 03.23.09


78 Portland Street
Manchester M1 4QX
United Kingdom

The UK has more curry greasy spoons than NYC has sushi joints.  It’s no wonder, there are a lot of south asians here.  More often than not, patrons stumble into these places under the influence of something and craving salty grease.  Janam is a perfect example of just such a late night fix in Manchester.

The chicken kebab was minced chicken but it barely resembled food.  The large naan wrapping looked great but was stale like a flat tire.  Stuffed with some pieces of mystery chicken and loads of salad (aka cole slaw), the only memorable thing about the meal was the chili sauce.  Yowza, it was H-O-T.  I guess Manchester folks like their hot sauce atomic.

I barely finished my sandwich with my mouth and stomach on fire.  Dave gave up two-thirds done.  We should have suffered Ghandi’s revenge but were mercifully spared his wrath for yet another day.

David, Eatclub Director of Marketing



2 responses to “Janam Fast Food 03.23.09

  1. This place serves food covered in mould, it then cooks it then serves it. Do not eat here.

  2. Made me sick, this take away has been reported to the Hse

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