Shere Khan – 03.24.09


Shere Khan
50-52 Wilmslow Rd
Manchester, M14 5TQ

Curry Mile, Manchester.  I wish there were more places like this in the states: a concentrated area of all things asian and I’m not talking about Chinese or Korean.  Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Turkish; all vying for your business and patronage.  Back -alley take-away shops to polished trendy dining, they have it all.  Shere Khan has bright colors, clean lines, and bright lighting.  Definitely not a traditional Indian place.  While it is well known that UK is the birthplace of chicken tikka masala, this was not the place to try it.  I’ll be looking out for the greasy spoon take-away at 4pm for the most authentic experience.

Excellent poppadums and chutneys



The Chicken Jalfrezi and Karahi Chicken were excellent.  You taste all the spices and herbs used in the freshly prepared dishes.  Chicken chunks were perfectly moist and tender.  No scary pool of mystery oil floating on the curry.  We  kicked it up a notch by asking for green chilies on the side.  HOT and full of flava; just like what I look for in a woman.  Just kidding but not really.

Waiters were helpful and attentive.  Contemporary decor and hip style make it a great place to take your Afghan acquaintance, Desi date or throw a Pakistani party.    Great Indian food in England with German friends Alex and Sven.  Namaste.




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