The Breslin – 12.18.2010

The Breslin
16 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

You will find charming gentlemen at the classy bar.

The eaters in nervous conversation fueled by hunger

Where the action’s at.

Frittata special with jalapenos and oysters

Chargrilled skirt steak with greensauce and fried eggs.

English Breakfast hold the mushrooms (crazy I know but it was eater’s request.)

Dave remarks:

Not surprised this was rated as NYC top restaurant for 2010 by Bloomberg. The combination of great service and excellent food for an affordable price in the cozy and intimate atmosphere created in the dining room mates for a great dining experience. We sat at the table closest to the exposed kitchen and were privy to the intensity that makes this place so great behind the scenes.

Bru’s remarks:

Breslin is sizzling on the NYC eating scene right now thanks to traditional yet hip styling and quality food.  The brunch this Saturday morn’ had some notable gems but overall, when considered with the pricey items with smallish portion size, was not out-of-this-world.  Come hungry, leave hungry (shoutout to IHOP).  The meats are spectacular and any item with Breslin’s handcrafted sausages, steaks, and hams are noticeably delicious.

Sorry vegetarians and even sorrier vegans, the meat is GOOD.

Portion to price ratio approaches zero.

The pickup counter porting the open kitchen can be a hostile scene for the unprepared but shouldn’t faze hardened New Yorkers.   Be prepared to cover little children’s ears.

A portent reminder when leaving the restroom.


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