Zinburger – 12.22.10

Promenade Shops at Clifton
850 State Route 3, #105
Clifton, NJ 07012

We had the zinburger.

The burgers come with mayonnaise which makes the burger soggy. Wanted to get the experience of the meat. The zinfindel cooked onions were really flavorful. The medium rare was not rare enough, but the medium-well was perfect.

The buns should be toasted. We forgot that we had manchego cheese, the mayonnaise was so over whelming. It’s a lot of burger, come hungry.

Lauren had the Simple burger – she also would have preferred her buns toasted, thought the hamburger was a little soggy, but she liked the flavor of it and gave it one thumb up.

The zucchini fries – are awesome, but maybe a little less sea salt.

Truffle fries – weren’t too much of a hit.

Service was excellent. Very attentive. Although maybe too attentive?

The ambiance was awesome – a lot bigger than what we thought from the outside. It’s attached to a shopping center.

Wines – we came on wednesday which gave us half price bottles of wine.
Russian jack pinot noir, very good, tasty drinkable wine

This completes our round of boutique montclair burger joints.



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