Sik Gaek 10.01.2011

A long overdue update that spans the summer, Eatclub has been too busy to blog.  Much like starving during a car ride en route to the eating destination only to get there and overeat; chew on the next few paragraphs mindfully. New World Mall can be called the new and improved Flushing mall; clean and modern, NWM is all asian business upstairs and far east party downstairs. The beats pump out from Lan Zhou every minute; literally the pounding of the hand made noodle dough resonates throughout the food court, magnetically funneling noodle lovers from Jersey and beyond.

Hand pulled noodles pulling in customers

Vegetable noodle soup with added pickled cabbage, hot sauce, and vinegar.

A good Korean seafood pancake for $5.

Sik Gaek
40-01 149th Pl.
Flushing, NY 11354

Don’t let the name fool you, Sik Gaek (sounds like Shik-Gehk) is a seafood restaurant named after a Korean manga and movie of the same name.  History lesson aside, Sik Gaek is a much like a boisterous restaurant typical of what you would find in Seoul.  Any food shyness must be left behind as you dive into a giant pot of various creatures from the sea swimming in a spicy broth all the while toasting korean beer and fermented rice brew.

Gather 4 seafood lovers and order the haemool jung gol (seafood hot pot) filled with:  lobster, clams, crab, sea snail, abalone, mussels, octopus, squid, razor clams, udon noodles, rice cakes, and sprouts.  Phew, not for the faint of stomach.  All the ingredients were super fresh and some were still alive.

A spicy steaming bowl of unkosherness.
How to order the way a Korean would:
1.   Order both OB beer and makkoli by the bottle (impress others with your Korean drinking ettiqutte).
2.   Drink and repeat step 1.  Also, order food if you wish.
3.   Get the seafood hot pot, and request the squid be served live.
4.  Ask for a hot pot stir fry with the leftovers and rice.
5.  Repeat step 1.

Can you spot the 4 Koreans in this pic?


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