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West Egg Cafe

West Egg Cafe

Welcome to our annual post at EC. Enjoyed the lovely brunch at West Egg on Sunday during Labor Day weekend so much that I had to update this blog, or any blog about it. The place is always crowded on the weekends so fortunately all my friends couldn’t join me that day and I went alone and got immediately seated at the bar. Coffee and Pimiento bacon cheese omelette were great. Loved the atmosphere, decor and no asshole knocked on my book on his way out because he was indignant that I wasn’t talking to anyone.

The also has great baked goods including this Coca-cola cupcake that just tasted like a chocolate cupcake.

West Egg Cafe
1100 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta GA

Yours truly,



Spondivits — 8.24.11

If you’re looking for a place to eat around the Atlanta airport, specifically a really dive seafood place, then Spondivits is a good bet.  I’ll cut to the chase and say that Spondivits is a big tourist trap in a dodgy, unremarkable area.  My boyfriend was raised in Atlanta and never even heard of it.

But since my friend already went there before on a prior business trip, we decided to go again.  We opted for coconut shrimp for an appetizer and shared a bucket of lobster and crab legs. The coconut shrimp was just okay, although my friend really seemed to have enjoyed it.  The lobster tails were small but that was almost expected. If you like butter with your steamed seafood, then you would like the crab legs since they already came out buttered and oily.

Each bucket pretty much costs $30 on average, whether you just get the crab bucket, crab and lobster bucket, shrimp bucket or a combo of it all. The bucket and appetizer were enough for the both of us as we weren’t that hungry.  Add a bottle of Corona to that and I was completely full.

I don’t really see myself coming back here unless I had to eat by the airport and had plenty of time to kill. (During dinner time, you will have to wait 30 min. on average) You can find fresher crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack and luckily there are a few here.

But I’m looking forward to having some good, fresh seafood here in landlocked ATL and will definitely update you when I find it.

The good: We didn’t over order.

The bad: There is good dodgy, like Pocha 32, where you drink and eat out of tin bowls and cups…and then there is bad dodgy.  This is the bad, dirty kind of dodgy place.

The ugly:  Valet is the only way to park here. It’s lame, especially for a dodgy place.

Spondivits                                                                                                                                        1219 Virginia Ave                                                                                                                     Atlanta, GA 30344-5211


Seoul Food Meets Soul Food

I just moved to Atlanta from New York a couple weeks ago.  Call it fate, love, God, or the alignment of the stars but I’m here…and I’m still trying to figure out where to eat.

Luckily I found my favorite barbecue place today. Forget Fat Matt’s. Just the fact that I’m updating this blog should tell you that the restaurant I’m about to write about is good; like I-can-stay-here-in-Atlanta-just-for-this-restaurant good.

It’s called Heirloom Market and it looks like it’s a hole-in-the-wall in the most random place with nothing else around. But it was already hoppin’ and busy by the time we got there at 12:10, ten minutes after it opened.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, being that one of the chefs is a former Korean pop star, Lee Jiyeon. (Sadly that is the reason why I went.)  But the fact that it was already that busy on an early afternoon was a good sign.

I opted for the two meat combo deal that comes with a side.  I chose the brisket and ribs and the fried okra.  It was $13.50 but it ended up being two meals since finishing it in one sitting would’ve made me feel dirty.

Brisket, ribs and fried okra. amen.

The brisket and ribs were so moist, juicy, and tender. In my opinion, it’s probably best eaten by itself without any sauce. But if you find the ends kind of dry, there are a few sauces to choose from.  I thought I would like the Korean barbecue sauce the best being that I have a Korean palate but the table sauce was tastier; it’s like A-1 but even better.  I didn’t like the Settler sauce as much but if you like vinegar with your meat, then that would be your sauce.

And seriously, the fried okra was off the hook; don’t ask me why.  Just get it.

For you yankees, that is what fried okra looks like.

In the middle of my meal, the line was already out the door and people were parking on the grass because there were no spots  left.  It’s a small place so it’s probably best to do take-out.

I realize there is nothing really Korean about the barbecue, unless you chose to smother your meat in the Korean sauce and unless you chose some Korean sides.  It really is just Texas-style BBQ; in my opinion anyway.

Looking at the Yelp reviews, you’ll see everyone, save for two ignorant people, gave it four or five stars.  I will definitely be back to try the chicken.

The good: I can only vouch for the brisket, ribs and fried okra for now.

The Bad: the limited parking spots and seating

The ugly: Animal fat solidifying in my arteries and adding to my cellulite

– xteethx

Boston Crawl – 04.09.2011

Corner Grille
806 Pleasant Street
Worcester MA 01602

Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Saturday BBQ

Red Hook Brewery
1 Redhook Way
Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Clam Box
246 High Street
Ipswich, MA 01938

China Pearl
9 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

The Bell in Hand Tavern
45 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

Eagle’s Deli
1918 Beacon Street
Brighton, MA

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast #2

The Clam Box

Bonus Vid:  Anna’s Taqueria

Bonus Vid:  Chinatown Roast Pork

Brooklyn Crawl – 02.25.2011

Our temporary Texan “brewmaster” showing us how to brew with Chemex.

Baked storefront kind of reminds you of a chocolate cupcake.

Baked’s signature salty caramel cupcake.  Very good, especially the sea salt on top.

A pizza shop in the heart of a Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood.

[vimeo 20437397]
A slice of Brooklyn.

Dominick hard at work.

[vimeo 20437405]
The master at work.

Artichoke garlic pie just out of the oven.

[vimeo 20437427]
Drooling while shaking the camera.

So it looks better if you were there so trust me when I say you MUST try it.

Making new friends and catching up with old ones over a few brews.

East Harlem Crawl – 02.18.2011

Patsy’s Pizzeria
2287 1st Ave
(between 117th St & 118th St)

El Aguila
137 E 116th St.
(between Park Ave & Lexington Ave)

It was the warmest February day yet  and I decided to do a tour of the ol’ neighborhood with huge Spiderman fan Ethan.  The crawl actually started 12 hours earlier at midnight.  Recognize the food below?  Hint:  midtown.

Gyro, chicken, rice, pita, lettuce, white sauce, and atomic hot sauce.  A NYC classic.

Natural b-boy pose cannot be forced.

Fresh and delicious Patsy’s slice for just $1.50!

Nothing is hidden from view at the Aguila counter

What’s in the giant copper cauldron?

Comida made to order.  Me gusto.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Tacos carnitas and al pastor (L-R).

Patsy’s and El Aguila were the real deal.  Inexpensive and authentic.  Walk up and get 2 quick slices at Patsy’s.  Scarf them down while still hot and stroll over to Aguila for two pork tacos washed down with a cool horchata; all for about $6.  Huzzah!

Cafe Silvestre – 01.24.2011

Cafe Silvestre
282 West 7200 South
Midvale, UT

Like many places where the passion for outdoor recreation is only matched by sheer ruggedness of the terrain, Salt Lake City and its surrounding ‘burbs has a love affair with Mexican food.  Inexpensive, spicy, filling and loaded with carbs:  Mexican is the ideal fuel for the lazy couch potato as well as the extreme snow athlete.  Cafe Silvestre stands out to be the BEST mexican in SLC without the glitz and glam of its competitors.

The tried and true favorite among Salt Lake locals seems to be the humble smothered burrito.   This dish is rather unassuming with a burrito shell (usually flour) filled with either chicken or pork and smothered with a mexican style gravy topped with shredded cheese and diced onions.  Ordered by itself or in multiples, smothered burritos are on every menu and deliver a solid meal.  Cafe Silvestre’s smothered chicken burrito looks like everyone else’s:  a flattened flour log covered in a pool of gruel-like brownish red sauce.  Not very enticing I know.  After the first bite however, time slows down, your pupils widen and a fiesta erupts in your mouth when you swallow that morsel.  Silvestre somehow makes a knockout smothered burrito that is so far unmatched in all my travels.  I suspect the secret lies in their salivating smothering sauce.  Trust me when I write this:  if ever in SLC, you MUST find a Cafe Silvestre and order their smothered chicken burrito with cheese and onions.

Having experienced and loved the smothered burritos at CS before, I opted to try the Large Combo.  You get a choice of meat and immediately chose the shredded beef.

Large combo plate – hard shell taco, tostada, enchilada, smothered burrito, chile verde, and rice & beans.

If you are hungry and love mexican, order this combo.  Each of the above included items tastes distinct and different.  Mexican is often unfortunately the same 5 basic ingredients rearranged in different shapes but tastes exactly the same.  Not so here, the chicken smothered burrito taste is discernible from the chile verde (though in the picture it’s not).  The shredded beef taco is moist and pull apart tender and is really really good.  The rice and beans are out of this world good, no small feat considering these are  humble and basic dishes.  Silvestre also gets bonus points for omitting sour cream.  Though tasty (and I do enjoy it), it makes a mexican dish taste better than it really is, masking the flavor of chilies and spices.  Comprende?

Shredded beef taco filling

The best mexican in Salt Lake City, with 3 locations.
Of course the free chips and salsa are good.
Large combo plate satisfies your tastes, hunger, and your frugalness ($12)

Cafe  Silvestre is only in Salk Lake City.

A large satisfying meal rich in protein, rice, beans, and cheese forces you to quickly “break the silence” with your  friends in about 1 hour.

– BRU-ito