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Royal Dutch Airlines – 05.19.2009

KLM Flight
Schipol to Kuwait City

Royal Dutch Airlines serves food fit for royalty. A review for airplane food? I am surprised myself but after flying on quite a few flights (albeit economy class), I have naturally come to despise airline food. Airlines have a captive audience and tight budgets so why would they serve awesome food to the average traveler. Yet on this flight, KLM serves up fantastic flavas of Africa. Neatly packaged in European minimalist fashion, Spiced Carrot salad, Aubergine curry with couscous, and passion fruit mousse tastes as good as it sounds. The hearty ethnic spices came through with balanced freshness. I”ve eaten at many restuarants that couldn’t make curry this well. And the mousse…I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but this dessert reignited a sweet passionate mousse love within me. I truly suffered eating this mouse, in a good way.

If taking pictures of your airline food is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.


One of the best presentations and packaging I’ve seen for an economy class meal

Spiced carrot salad with spinach

Aubergine curry with coriander coucous, raisins, and Spanish red pepper

Passion fruit mousse