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Boi Na Brasa – 08.12.10

Boi Na Brasa
70 Adams St.
Newark, NJ

“Bull over coals” is what the name of this restaurant translates to and if you have had Brazilian BBQ, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Rodizio as it’s called is pretty much a non stop meat buffet with the bonus that you do not even have to stand up from your seat.  Servers walk around with giant skewers of chicken, beef, and pork only to expertly slice and serve various cuts of charcoal roasted animal.  If authentic is your thing, then definitely check out Boi Na Brasa:   an excellent Brazilian BBQ in the heart of Newark’s ironbound district.

Rustic and laid back churrasceria

Brasa is located off the main strip Ferry St.  Because of that, it is less crowded and more low-key eatery; perfect for the eaters that crave meat without waits, bustle, and crowds.  It is a no frills authentic Brazilian BBQ joint.

Fried bananas, fries, yuca, rice & beans, and salsa.  DEE-LISH!

Crispy salty pork ribs

Succulent chicken legs with ends chopped off for easy marrow access

Medium-well beef and chicken

Slices of top sirloin (Picanha)

Perfect pink picanha portion.

Guest eater Fred champed the meat and Modelos.

Happy eater and server.  Need I say more?

I will cut to the chase and offer sure tips to be a veteran rodizio eater.

1.  Skip the salad bar at any place that serves Rodizio.  No matter how tempting it looks, avoid it at all costs.  It is there as filler.

2.  Order yourself a drink, a caipirinha is the perfect accompaniment for any BBQ meal.

3.  Pace yourself and dig in; the meat is non-stop but comes in waves so don’t go overboard and save yourself for the best cuts.

Despite Brasa being a smaller eatery, it definitely serves quality rodizio in a laid-back atmosphere.
Excellent service from the friendly Brazilian waiters.
BYOB, and they will gladly provide the ice, glasses, and pour.

The salad bar.  Despite tip #1, usually they make it look as appetizing as possible but here it looked below average.

Craving more cow despite bulging stomach and beef & beer belches.

Unassuming  but necessary sweet fried banana.

For your alcohol shopping needs check out Oporto Wines and Liquor down the street (178 Ferry Street).  Ask for Alex and say that Bruce Lee sent you.  He will definitely take care of you and maybe even offer some gifts on the house.



KyoChon Chicken & Big Apple BBQ – 06.12.10

KyoChon Chicken
319 5th Ave
New York, 10016
(212) 725-9292

KyoChon serves up Korean-style chicken wings located near K-town in Manhattan.  However, Eatclub’s main purpose that early Saturday morning was to watch Korea play Greece in the FIFA World Cup.  Because of the excitement from the match, little attention was given to the food.  I did manage to taste the chicken wings with “hot sauce”.  The wing was not bad but I have had better.  The texture was soft and not crisp as I would have preferred.  The hot was indeed spicy but it was more of a pure burn with no flavor; it reminded me of eating a spicy ramen flavor packet.

Kyochon has floor space upstairs with a bar and plenty of TV screens and with every goal Korea scored, 10 cent beers were served for 10 minutes.  We fully took advantage of that during Korea’s 2-0 victory over Greece.  Kyochon, I will definitely see you in four years if not sooner.

Regular on the left, hotness on the right.

10 cent beers at 7 in the morning.
Hip space with futuristic layout

Wings, they are not horrible but I won’t be craving them anytime soon.  BonChon is a better representative of Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)

beers and wings at 7 in the morning makes for a long day

Big Apple BBQ

By the time we arrived at the BBQ that afternoon, the beers from the soccer match were kicking in.  In my buzzed state, I was craving the salty greasy food surrounding me.  Unfortunately, I paid little attention to the details necessary for a thorough food review so, I leave you with some pictures and video of that afternoon.

No reason to be afraid of these cleaver wielding over-all wearing dudes.

A nightmare for a NYC cabbie but a dream commute for the BBQ lover

Serving up pulled pork and beef brisket.

Brisket from The Pit, with some very good cole slaw.

St. Louis style ribs from Virginia

BBQ’ed lip smacking ribs (the slaw in the background was deeelish)

A sea of people in search of the perfect ‘Q

Hillcountry – 03.04.10

Hill Country BBQ
30 West 26th St.

Has the search for authentic BBQ left you restless as a hen on a hot griddle?  Then mosey on over to Hillcountry BBQ conveniently located near New York’s Flatiron district.  Hillcountry has authentic Texas style bbq from the Hill Country of Texas, which I know nothing about.  However, for an escape from the concrete jungle of the NYC, Hillcountry delivers with a homestyle country experience.

Even though it’s supposed to be a laid-back Texas style mess hall, the admission was surprisingly strict, velvet rope and all.  This is because the food service is buffet style with a card for every patron that is marked every time you pick up food.  Imagine a Texan Dim Sum, if that makes sense.  Instead of chicken feet and shrimp shumai, you have monstrous cuts of beef and pork.  There are two lines and during dinner and the main chow line gets long.  Every order is hand prepared with nothing pre-cut ahead of time.  It’s also a good sign when prices are listed by the pound.

The Pit Master Combo

Hearty Sides

The pit master combo: a pork rib, beef rib, lean brisket, and quarter bbq chicken with 2 sides may not look like a lot in the picture but it is very filling.  The beef rib is very juicy (fatty) with little sauce to let the beef taste come through.  It’s cooked well but I prefer the pork rib.  It has the right balance of meat and fat and the flavor is porky but not overpowering.  These ribs are Texas style so it is well smoked with all meat flavor; unlike sweeter Tennessee style ‘que.  The lean brisket was okay but don’t let it get cold as it will taste drier.  The moist brisket is indeed juicier and is worth the extra cost.  Finally, the bbq chicken is surprisingly juicy and nicely slathered with a baked on bbq sauce.  Make sure to opt for the dark meat.  The bourbon sweet potato mash, mac & cheese, and corn pudding sticks to your ribs.  They are very filling and has that home made taste.  Don’t mess with Texas and don’t mess with these rich sides.

Some notable observations:  ceiling high stack of hardwood in the corner, giant car sized smoker doors, hand-washing station with foot pedal IN the dining room, large downstairs with additional bar and stage.

The moist brisket, bbq chicken, and any of the sides
There are food & drink specials almost every night

I doubt anything is vegetarian friendly, not even the sides. (some would consider this a Good)

After a few PBRs and the pit master combo, you won’t be ready to lasso a calf, let alone move.