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The Breslin – 12.18.2010

The Breslin
16 West 29th Street
New York, NY 10001

You will find charming gentlemen at the classy bar.

The eaters in nervous conversation fueled by hunger

Where the action’s at.

Frittata special with jalapenos and oysters

Chargrilled skirt steak with greensauce and fried eggs.

English Breakfast hold the mushrooms (crazy I know but it was eater’s request.)

Dave remarks:

Not surprised this was rated as NYC top restaurant for 2010 by Bloomberg. The combination of great service and excellent food for an affordable price in the cozy and intimate atmosphere created in the dining room mates for a great dining experience. We sat at the table closest to the exposed kitchen and were privy to the intensity that makes this place so great behind the scenes.

Bru’s remarks:

Breslin is sizzling on the NYC eating scene right now thanks to traditional yet hip styling and quality food.  The brunch this Saturday morn’ had some notable gems but overall, when considered with the pricey items with smallish portion size, was not out-of-this-world.  Come hungry, leave hungry (shoutout to IHOP).  The meats are spectacular and any item with Breslin’s handcrafted sausages, steaks, and hams are noticeably delicious.

Sorry vegetarians and even sorrier vegans, the meat is GOOD.

Portion to price ratio approaches zero.

The pickup counter porting the open kitchen can be a hostile scene for the unprepared but shouldn’t faze hardened New Yorkers.   Be prepared to cover little children’s ears.

A portent reminder when leaving the restroom.


Le Central – 03.21.10

Le Central
8th Avenue & Lincoln Street
Denver, CO

Situated in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Denver, Le Central aptly calls itself “the affordable French restaurant.”  Although the decor, french offerings, and clientele may make this bistro look pricey, the price range is very affordable with fantastic french food.

The menu for Sunday brunch is diverse and covers all the French essentials from crepes to mussels to beef bourguignon.  Unfortunately, the Hachis de Boeuf (roast beef hash) was all out so I ordered the omelette aux champignons (mushroom omelette) instead.

The food here is as delicious as it sounds in French.  Don’t be bashful as the basket fulls of baguettes are brought to the table.  The crisp and soft bread is fantastic with the fresh sweet cream butter and best of all, they are continually refilled; and if the free bread is any indication of the rest of the meal, then be ready to eat like a gourmand.

The mushroom omelette comes out cooked to perfection; fluffy moist and not overcooked without a hint of browning.  The toothsome mushroom filling is intense and concentrated with earthy fungus flavor balanced by the gooey and nutty swiss cheese.  Accompanying the generous three egg dish is a large serving of smooth mashed potatoes and ratatouille.  Although the ratatouille had a touch too much herb de Provence, the presentation and more importantly the taste of the omelette is magnifique!

Great tasting French for very reasonable prices
Mushroom omelette for $7

Will let you know when I think of one.

The feeling of a full stomach but a mouth that still wants to taste more.

Boston 2010

Boston mega-review

Annas Taqueria

Sound Bites

Barking Crab

Cafe Luna

Ah Boston, the big city with a plethora of bars but no food, or shall I say no food when you need it, say midnight.  Doesn’t late night drinking and late night binging go hand-in-hand?

Anyhow, there are gems in bean town; the easiest to find and most consistent being Anna’s Taqueria.  It is the burrito from this simple mexican shop that I miss the most every time I leave Boston.  Cheap, quick, and TASTY.  Not secret-guilty-pleasure-taco-bell tasty but mexi-cali tasty.  Yes, Anna’s delivers with authentic taste without any commercial compromise.  The chicken and al pastor burrito are rockin’ as well as the guac’.  They even fearlessly offer lengua as a filling.  Filling food that costs just pesos.  Anna, te amo.

Chips and guacamole

Grilled chicken taco (left) and taco al pastor (right)

A restaurant with a line out the door is one of two things:  over-hyped or truly worth it.  If the restaurant is a breakfast/brunch shop, then it is definitely the latter.  Sound bites patrons were anxiously waiting to get in the door because of hunger and also because of the chilly morning.  Still it did not deter us nor those standing in line.  I have to give Sound Bites a second chance and try them again.  It has a great vibe, efficient albeit rushed staff, and great food.  It is this last point I am confident is true even though my breakfast that morning was below average.  On a recommendation by corned beef connoisseur Kevin, I ordered the poached eggs over corned beef and toast.  Unfortunately, it tasted like camp fire corned beef out of can.  The food did not reflect the quality of everything else in the restaurant and they must have ran out of the good stuff.  Someone in the kitchen made the bonehead decision to substitute with the easily identifiable canned counterfeit.  Insider tip:  if you find yourself waiting in line in the cold, go inside and grab a hot drink from the self service beverage station to help your wait in the cold line.

Tasty challah french toast

Close-up of faux corned beef hash at Sound Bites

The lowly crab dwells on the dark seafloor and looks rather dangerous to eat.  The Barking Crab restaurant is also difficult to find and from the outside looks like a rundown shack.  However, the inside is warm and has a fun sea shanty-like decor reminiscent of a Spongebob episode.  Seafood allergists beware, the scent of shellfish hangs heavy in the air when you enter.  We ordered fried calamari, steamed mussels and the 4lb. mixed crab bowl.  No small amount even for 4 hungry eaters.  Overall the crab was good but not great, with the standout being the snow crab.  We were in New England; we should have ordered lobster.  What were we thinking?

Like celebrating Christmas in a tug boat

Mixed crab platter looks like a crab when served

Have a brunch date?  Then bring your gal-pal to Cafe Luna.  The food will unfortunately not impress but this breakfast/lunch spot is quaint and nicely decorated.  The space is small which will force a more personable expereince for you and said date, for better or worse.  Unbeknownst to me, my buddy brought me here on a man-date but I did not protest.  Eatclub requires, at times, sacrifice.  I ordered an omelette and blueberry pancakes, standard stuff but I was disappointed.  The omelette order was wrong and the pancakes were merely plain pancakes with a blueberry topping.  I didn’t have the heart to complain as I was starving and did not want to see food go wasted, even if it’s overly salty.  My friend ordered eggs benedict with corned beef which looked and tasted very delicious.  Clearly I ordered wrong but I was having bad luck with Boston corned beef and but a breakfast joint with bad pancakes?  omelettes?  The only way I would come back would be if it was another date, just not a man-date.

Brunch at Cafe Luna

At least Boston has good beer…