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Boston Crawl – 04.09.2011

Corner Grille
806 Pleasant Street
Worcester MA 01602

Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Saturday BBQ

Red Hook Brewery
1 Redhook Way
Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Clam Box
246 High Street
Ipswich, MA 01938

China Pearl
9 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

The Bell in Hand Tavern
45 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

Eagle’s Deli
1918 Beacon Street
Brighton, MA

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast #2

The Clam Box

Bonus Vid:  Anna’s Taqueria

Bonus Vid:  Chinatown Roast Pork


Ay Chung Steak House – 05.15.2010

Ay Chung Steak House
(Inside Flushing Mall)
133-31 39th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

This title is a bit misleading but it’s the name and address of the stall that sells Stinky Tofu.  Located on the bottom floor of Flushing Mall, Ay Chung is one of the many food vendors in the food court of this mall which feels like a step back in time to the Saved By the Bell era of ’80s shopping.  You will not find Zach Morris here however; this is a straight up asian mall with a very impressive food court.  To para-quote fellow eater Regina, “it’s impossible to find a restaurant here, look at the signs, there is no name or address in english!”  You will find a myriad of chinese style (specifically Taiwanese) eateries, each preparing food fresh before your eyes at darn-right questionably low prices.  Eatclub set out on a quest to find stinky tofu and Flushing Mall did not fail.

Before the review of stinky tofu, I have to give honorable mention to the cumin flavored lamb bun and glutinous rice disk (insert chinese name here).  Accompanied by the honeydew bubble tea, both are excellent and deserve a dedicated review of their own.  In short, try anything and everything when you visit.

Cumin Lamb Bun.

Glutinous rice Taiwanese dish.

Stinky tofu tasted nothing like I expected.  I enjoy many foods that people have an aversion to:  kimchi, cilantro, durian, natto, fish sauce, the list goes on.  Stinky tofu does not make that list.  I ate 2 deep fried chunks and I could not eat anymore, the aroma was overpowering.  Honestly, I can only describe the flavor as a sponge soaked with bad breath.  Yes, halitosis; it invaded my sinuses, activated my olfactory sensors and would not turn off. It definitely caught me off guard as I was expecting something very sour, or blue-cheesey, or even miso-like.  No, this is a totally new flavor I never experienced before.  Keep in mind, bad breath is the flavor I sensed strongest using my nose while tasting (you may notice a different bouquet).  The texture is familiar, merely fried tofu, and the taste on the tongue is mild, slightly pungent but otherwise bland tofu.  Stinky tofu indeed lives up to its reputation and makes it as my top dislike (followed by pork intestine and celery).

Stinky tofu looks rather benign and innocuous.  Beware: deadly to sensitive sniffers.

Don’t let my words discourage you, go out there and try it before you knock it.  I assure you, I hesitantly promise to eat this again when/if I ever visit Taiwan.

Flushing mall has some serious cheap, tasty and authentic eats.

I can’t get over the flavor of stinky tofu, tastes like how a mouthful of cavities smells.

The burps after consumption.  Can’t tell if you have bad breath or if it was just the tofu.


Bonus review:  because it was impossible to fill up on stinky tofu.

Regina says, “it’s impossible to find a restaurant here, look at the signs, there is no name or address in english!”
Is Spicy & Tasty an accurate translation?

Beef stew noodle soup.  The spiciness comes from chilis and Sichuan peppercorns so it’s a different kind of heat.  Be sure to add as much homemade cabbage topping (not pictured) as you can handle.  Very authentic and tasty.

Soup dumplings.  Well made considering this place doesn’t specialize in this unique dumpling style.

Omelette with oysters.  Very egg-y tasting dish.  Add barely cooked through oysters with a sweet tomato sauce and you have some atypical flavor combinations going on.  Not bad but not great.

All look same.

Dixon House Food Court – 02.10.2010

Sizzling Hot Pot Kitchen
Stall B11
Dixon House Food Court
Sydney, Australia

Chinatown can be a hot-bed of tourist trap eateries and unless you speak the language of the locals, you might be stuck eating at an overpriced and tasteless restaurant.  On the bright side, there is plenty of authetic food to be found at a decent price.  Ask around and work your charm as if your life (or hunger) depended on it.  Dixon house food court is a cramped collection of chinese and asian food stalls located indoors food-court style.

XO Chicken and Sichuan Sizzling Beef ($8 each)

Shanghai Cafe – 01.27.09

Shanghai Cafe
100 Mott St
New York 10013

The tale of the two cities, or in this case the tale of two chinese cafe’s.
Both suprised me, but in different ways.

1)law bok go
a turnip dish wraped in filo like consistency pastry.
bland. little flavor
2) sah lut hah koh
mayo shrimp dish with walnut and a ring of broccoli
i remember first eating this dish at 4 am after clubbing with mr. sunshine
it tasted nothing like my previous encounter with this dish.
i couldn’t eat more than 5% of the dish.
it was so bad i gave the leftovers to a homeless dude on the subway
3) dao mew
the tips of snow peas, stir fried with garlic and oil.
one of the better ones i’ve tried. makes me want to get a wok.
4)shao lohm bao
pork dumplings with a soup base *within* the dumpling
iv’e had better. the black vinegar sauce wasn’t so hot.
5)mango smoothie
I’s cafe in new brunswick, nj still has the best mango smoothie.
the tapioca was frozen
6)almond smoothie
tasted water down
7)sticky rice in bamboo leaf
good portion, decent price, decent taste
Overall Food
disappointing. considering the competition in chinatown, you would think
it would up the ante. not with this case.
blegh. nothing impressive
crappy. didn’t expect much, didn’t get much
for a chinese restaurant in chinatown, was overpriced

Don’t eat here. plenty of other restaurants in chinatown.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Kowloon Cafe
2365 86th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11214


1)Salt and Pepper Squid
lightly battered and fried with sliced pepper
cooked very well. portion was plentiful
2)pork short ribs in black bean sauce
slightly above average
3)Kowloon Fried Rice
suprisingly spicy. surpisingly good
4)almond smoothie
this is how you’re supposed to make a smoothie
5)Hong Kong Style Tea
a little too bitter for my taste

Overall Food
you would never expect from the outside a nugget of gold in the
heart of brooklyn
nothing to harp about. 99.99% don’t come here for the decor
same as decor
portion = large
price = cheap!

Unbeknownst to me, brooklyn has a heavily chinese population.
If you are ever on “86 street”, the shopping street of bensonhurst in brooklyn,
check out this restaurant.

— – – – – – – –

FoodScale – in Homage to the superbowl – I present a one week only NFL sports ranking scale

10 – Pittsburgh Steelers – that defense is just straight up nasty
9.5-9.9999 Arizona Cardinals – the cardinals?? in the superbowl?? my underdog pick for the 2008 champions
9.1-9.49 Tennesse Titans – Kerry Collins?? another surprise for 2008.
8-9 Baltimore Ravens – rookie QB – impressive
7.6- 8 NY football Giants – cough – Eli – choke – cough
7 – 7.5 Philly Eagles – I know they are my team but they shouldn’t even be this high. They did however
made it to the conference championships.

– – – —

6 Dolphins – a year for surprise QB performances. I’m glad for pennington.
5 Ny Jets – Diva Favre retiring? not retiring? playoffs? playoffs??
1-4 KC – Chiefs – we can build on this!! only without me! you can do it!
0 – 1 Detriot Lions – the only perfect team of 2008.

Bo Ky – 07.09.2008

Bo Ky
80 Bayard St., New York, NY 10013
at Mott St.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Bo Ky specializes in noodle soups with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian influences.  All on the CHEAP!  Dishes are about $5 each with nothing more than $10.  The service is quick and enthusiastic and it would be a plus if you can speak Chinese but not by any means necessary.  The main host quickly quipped jokes with us he sat us down.  Don’t expect fine silverware and refined decor here, the dining room looks like a disorganized office where employees working overtime have obviously had a boatload of takeout chinese food.

Having just returned from Cambo, I felt obligated to order the Cambodian Noodle soup with egg noodles.  Though it was $7 I was disappointed; it tasted like merely instant ramen.  Harsh words I know but I was expecting in your face essence of fish sauce, pork bones, citrus, and herbs.  There was NONE of that.  Sophia’s shrimp wontons were very tasty (albeit the most expensive dish and appetizer at that) and the fried tofu was not bad though slightly bland.  The most highly recommended dish on the menu was supposedly curry chicken noodle soup but I didn’t get a chance to try.

(2 Cambodian noodle soups in front, duck over rice in back)

(beef noodle soup looked tasty)

Overall the service was good and the prices were cheap.  One will not find a life changing food moment here; the food tastes like how the place looks:  shoddy at best.  But for a quick bite on a budget, there are few places like this.  It seems busy so the turnover of food will be good.

Affordable Chinese noodle soup with supposedly Cambo, Viet, and Chinese flavas.
Fast service and a no frills experience.

The lack of decor, sterile fluorescent lighting, and cheap crooked tables.

Our waiter/host/manager’s thumb plunging into my soup bowl as he carried it to the table.



Tea-riffic is and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory are nearby.