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Brooklyn Crawl – 02.25.2011

Our temporary Texan “brewmaster” showing us how to brew with Chemex.

Baked storefront kind of reminds you of a chocolate cupcake.

Baked’s signature salty caramel cupcake.  Very good, especially the sea salt on top.

A pizza shop in the heart of a Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood.

[vimeo 20437397]
A slice of Brooklyn.

Dominick hard at work.

[vimeo 20437405]
The master at work.

Artichoke garlic pie just out of the oven.

[vimeo 20437427]
Drooling while shaking the camera.

So it looks better if you were there so trust me when I say you MUST try it.

Making new friends and catching up with old ones over a few brews.


Sugar Sweet Sunshine 10-31-09

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
126 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002Sugar Sweet Sunshine

I’ll make this short and sweet and say Sugar Sweet was okay. I always measure a cupcake shop by its Red Velvet and their “Sexy Red Velvet” just wasn’t. Maybe I just have a problem with their “moose” frosting which tastes like butter. I did however, like their “Ooey Gooey” and thought it was better than their other chocolate cupcake, the “Bob”, which has a hint of almond in the frosting.

But at $1.50, these cupcakes are probably the most bang for your buck anywhere. I heard the pistachio cupcake and banana pudding are good and I’d like to try their pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting next time.

Good: They’re not overpriced and it is a cute little cozy shop that almost makes you want to sit on their retro sofa chair and sing, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”, as you take off your shoes one at a time.

Bad: The “moose” frosting which is what they use on most cupcakes, is too buttery for my taste.

Ugly: Nothing, if you like wallpaper from the 60s and 70s.