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Malecon – 03.11.08

El Malecon
4141 Broadway # 175
New York
, NY 10033

(212) 927-3812


Exterior shot. Notice the banks of rotisserie cookers on the right.

Dominican restaurant in Washington Heights and very accessible via train or car from Fort Lee, Malecon offers tables, take-out, and counter seating, 24/7! Yes, open 24 hours to fulfill your Latin food craving. The place was bustling Tuesday evening at 7:30 with a line for takeout forming and the dining area boisterous; we luckily got the corner table by the window. The menu was extensive and I wish I got a picture of it because there were many combos and specials and some very interesting items.

Smiling but starving eaters

The service was efficient and friendly. We were allowed to patiently wait for the last person to arrive and did not feel pressured to start ordering. Our server was a polite Spanish speaking waitress that put up with our butchered pronunciations of the menu items. Water and bread refills were always prompt and table service was great.

I honestly did not pay much attention to the decor; I was distracted by the sights, sounds, and smells of the food. Overall, Malecon is a clean place (with clean bathrooms) that is well lit inside. Yes, some of the decor doesn’t flow as the dining area, counter, and rotisserie ovens are all mashed in one large space but it shows they take pride in something else here: FOOD. The atmosphere is laid back: you can eat here after working at the office or the construction site; with a gal pal or your entourage after a late night out; a Dominican diner if you will. Now, on to the comida!

Conch, voted favorite dish by some of the eatclubbers. I regrettably didn’t try any.

Pork Chuletas. Perfectly cooked fried pork chops and tasty. Big portions.

Stewed Oxtail. Tuesday’s Special and did not disappoint. Thin cut oxtails in stew-like sauce that reminded me of Viet or Chinese style beef (allspice?). One of my faves.

Rotisserie chicken, sweet plantains, and stewed oxtail. Roast chicken was VERY good. Juicy and fall of the bone tender with crispy flavored skin. Don’t forget to add the green garlic sauce. Drool. I am sure I can eat an entire chicken.

Rice and beef ribs. Didn’t try the ribs but that heaping plate looked good. Rice and beans, not shown, but pretty standard fare.

Bad picture but great tres leche. Rich and coco-nutty, dense and sweet, cool and milky. They made it more than just a cream soaked sponge cake somehow. Definitely order this.

Nary a morsel was left

Great value, entrees were about $10 each for a lot of food.
Whole roasted chicken, rice and beans, sweet plantains, and tres leche for dessert. Perfect Meal.  Do not miss this.
Great place for medium to large group to have family style meal and be loud at.

Can run out of the daily specials, as they almost did with the oxtails.

Neighborhood slightly ghetto so come with your dookie-face prepared.