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Polonia – 02.20.09

110 1st Ave
(between 6th St & 7th St)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 254-9699

Nestled in a neighborhood known for its numerous Japanese, Indian, and Chinese restaurants is an unassuming Polish joint with down to earth home cooked food.  This place has been food blogged more times than Chinatown but Eatclub still ventured out that cold windy evening to fill up and warm up on pork, pierogies, and pints.

Home style places never seem to care about decor or service.  Polonia is no exception as all of their energy is focused on cooking tasty authentic food.  Our Polish accented waiter was not nearly as absent as other reviews warn and all noticeable shortcomings of the appearance of the restaurant disappear once the food arrives.

The tripe and borscht soup was clear and rich with a warm (fresh oregano?) flavor; perfect for a cold winter night.  As recommended by our waiter, the imported brew Okocim was a mildy hopped full flavored malt lager without any skunkiness.  The combo platter came with sampling of everything Polish.  Feel free to sub any item as Paul did with his corned beef (perfectly cooked and not too salty, excellent).  The boiled pierogies were full of fresh potato flavor with just a hint of onion.  I heartily recommend with a healthy dollop of sour cream and applesauce.  The kielbasa was also excellent.  If you’ve only tasted Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa, you will not go back after tasting this plump K.  This is one fresh ‘basa that is not overpowered by salt.  Its crunchy skin has a pleasant snap before you reach the juicy and meaty innards.  Likewise with the stuffed cabbage:  you get a solid meat filling wrapped with a leaf of soft cabbage.  Polish food is not for the faint of heart, it’s a filling meal of meat and potatoes and done right like at Polonia, you can spend hours eating, drinking, and talking as if you were visiting your Polish granny’s home for dinner.

(Even if you don’t want to venture too deep into Poland, Polonia offers a monstrous Chicken Parmigiana as ordered by guest eater Helen.  Juicy and tasty cutlet that was definitely made when ordered.  HUGE.  Don’t mess…)

Dumplings (kopyka)

Mushroom Barley soup

Compote (homemade fruit punch)

Okocim (oh-ko-chim traditional Polish malt liquor)

Bigos (Hunter’s Dish) mixed with meat and kielbasa

Combination Platter (bigos, stuffed cabbage, pierogis, and corned beef subbed in, good call to our CFO)

Combination Platter (bigos, stuffed cabbage, pierogis, and kielbasa)

Tripe Soup

Chicken Parmigiana, big bird sized

Cheese and Cherry blintz

Large portions, very reasonable prices, and laid back atmosphere make Polonia a reliable place to eat at.
Authentic menu items with daily specials and Polish brews
Can easily accommodate a noisy group of asian eaters
The Blintz.  No matter how full you are, order it and share.

Slow service, though our waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful
East village means no nearby mass transit

The signage and street decor makes it look like Dracula’s Transylvania deli…


“Great people coming together for great food”

Steve’s review

Polish food? Eat Club?? Kocham żywność !!!
– — – –  – — — –

1 Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana
largest chicken cutlet i’ve seen ever.  tomato sauce was sub-par.
chicken didn’t quite impress. still, great value for the price

2 Bigos (Hunter’s Dish) –  mixed with meat and kielbasa
not the greatest looking dish. not that great but not that bad

3 Combination Platter – bigos, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage & 4 pierogis
kielbasa was solid. just wish it was a little bigger
stuffed cabbage
interesting sauce on top.
the stuffing was a ground meat mixture
not bad
4 pierogis
i was a bit dissapointed b/c i had some yummy pierogies before.
mine were a bit too dry.
Potato, Cheese, meat, potato And Cheddar Cheese, Sauerkraut And Mushroom

4 Tripe Soup & Clear Borscht  7/10
intersting. not sure how else to describe it.

5 Blintzes 7.5/10
everyone seemed to like it. i was turned off by the appearance (looked like cottage cheese), but taste
was not bad.

6 Sweet Cabbage  (side dish) 6.8/10
cabbage is cabbage. not too impressive

7 Compote homemade fruit punch  6.8/10
more like composte fruit punch. kinda wierd

8 Challah Toast
no charge
while we were eating i smelled this wonderful odor, which the waiter told me was
challah bread, toasted. he offered to bring some over. it was delish.

– — — –
overall food 7/10
polish food is an interesting change of pace. not sure if i would go back but it was something different.

– – —
value 8/10
good amount of food for the price

service 6.5/10
small mom and pop place.  don’t expect much, don’t get much in return

decor 5/10
nothing surprising

overall experience 6.8/10
if ur intersted in trying a new type of food, check out polonia.  won’t be too hard on the wallet,
just don’t have really high expectations and you won’t be dissapointed.


Mama’s Food Shop – 01.08.2008

Mama’s Food Shop
200 East 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009

To give credit where credit is due, Mama’s Food Shop was chosen from one of my favorite food blog sites, cheapassfood.com and it did not disappoint. Mama’s is southern/comfort style food with LARGE portions. It was a balmy 60 degree NYC January evening and the unusual weather was a fitting prelude to this peculiar little food joint. Hanging out on the steps and coming in and out of the restaurant were young 20 somethings from the NYC biker/messenger scene, grown men with books and reading glasses in hand, and us a posse of starving asians.

Upon entering the correct entrance of the shop (screen door on the right) and not the employee entrance, you’re greeted with the first dimly lit room of small tables and chairs sprinkled with tea lights. Literally in the middle of Mama’s is the kitchen. Food service is cafeteria style where you point at your food, pay, and then seat yourself. It is actually like being at your friend’s mama’s house where you marvel at the amazing selections, grab some, and find a seat somewhere; with the exception that you have to pay. The spread is indeed impressive as you actually become part of the kitchen while you wait your turn in line. Behind you, you hear the deep fryer bubbling with golden country fried chicken and on the counter are trays of cut zucchini roasted to caramelizing, and the freshly baked meatloaf is glistening right beside you, unsliced and sauced in all its glory. Yes, this coziness and openness is all part of Mama’s charm.

We carefully carried our spoils past the busy kitchen staff into the next room, a dining room for about 10-15 people. There we ate, laughed, cried, and talked the evening away in Mama’s bright mama portrait filled dining room. In the next room, you find a more contemporary and dimmer dining area complete with its own “booze” (as one of the staff pointed out as he noticed our concern of the lack of a bar).

I had the baked salmon with 2 sides of tomato & feta salad and roasted brussel sprouts with garlic and herb; all for $12. Fish was cooked and seasoned well but don’t expect it to be of the wild caught Alaskan variety, nothing but farm raised here I surmise. The tomato salad was cool and fresh and excellent and the unripeness of the tomato was actually a nice complement to the zing of the marinade and the tang of the feta. The brussels were roasted well and caramelized nicely along with plenty of roasted garlic and herbs. It was good but hard to eat all of what they gave you. Eating family style is obligatory and I managed to sample items from my fellow clubbers within fork distance and beyond. I adhered to my current diet restrictions and sampled: macaroni and cheese, not too cheesy and could not stop eating it. Hint of garlic and nutmeg?; mashed potatoes, very smooth and creamy and potasty; herbed pasta salad was also very good. In fact everything tasted as good as it looked. Supposedly, the fried chicken was excellent in italics and supposedly the meatloaf was somehow even better. I will definitely have to go back to confirm. Eric graciously bought apple cobbler for dessert and one order was enough to satisfy 8 stuffed and food-comatose eat clubbers. Good size portion. plenty of crumb topping, and sweet; it hit the spot. Bus your own plates in the back sink and clean up your crumbs because Mama cooked all that wonderful food and it’s the least you can do; even if “Mama” is a bunch of spanish cooks in a kitchen manned by NYC hipsters.

Tasty comfort food and BIG portions for less than $12 for meat and 2 sides.
Cozy atmosphere where nooks range from eating in Mama’s noisy dining room to a quiet library setting lit by candlelight.
No reservations needed and bonus, no tip!

Not the neatest or cleanest looking of places
Can become loud if you’re not the loudest party in the room.
Most food is purposely served cold. (use the microwave located near where you pay, it’s what it’s there for)

Portrait of the nude lady (by now a grandma). (shiver)