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BZ Grill – 11.04.2009

BZ Grill
27-02 Astoria Blvd.
Astoria, NY 11102

The best gyro this side of the Aegean located where else but in Astoria Queens.  Gyros are everywhere from suspect midnight street cart vendors to Jersey diners to greasy late night pizza shops; I’ve tried them all.  BZ Grill’s gyro is the closest thing to what you will find in Athens without the $800 plane ticket.  While the gyro is the star of the show, everything else on the menu just adds to the glorious (and affordable) meal.

Fries Greek style with crumbled feta and oregano

A proper Greek salad (Horiatiki ensalada)

How great can a salad be you ask?  Despite it’s simple ingredients, it is not easy to get right.  The freshness and crisp texture of a good Greek salad only complements the rest of the meal of  bread, grilled meats, fish, etc.  The horiatiki ensalada is very good:  fresh vegetables with ripe tomatoes, a good feta that isn’t too salty, and a smooth red vinegar without too much bite.  Notice there is no lettuce.  Yes sir, this salad is well balanced and should always accompany whatever you order.

Ponder Pork Perfection

“That don’t look like no gyro,” you might say but this is how a gyro is made in Greece.  Layers of marinated pork are stacked on a spit and cooked on a vertical rotisserie until charred and and then shaved off.  Saying the greenish brown “lamb cylinder” normally seen here in the States is a gyro (pronounced yee-roh) is like calling Spam an aged prime porter house.  Like the salad dressing, the tzatziki (yogurt sauce) tastes dead on.  Thick cool greek yogurt with garlic that is not too heavy. Order at least two pork gyros, one for now and one for the road.

BZ salad (not on the menu)

The Good
The gyro and BZ mixed grill, a platter of grilled meats and Cypriot sausage.
Good sized portions at a reasonable price.

The Bad
It’s all the way in Astoria, not good for the pilgrims from Jersey.

The Ugly
The food coma that follows after eating all that salad, fries, and grilled meat.  Bring a tic-tac or two.

All smiles after a great lunch

Greeks unite!


Bohemian Hall – 08.08.09

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden
29-19 24th Avenue
Astoria, New York 11102

Now this is a beer garden

Kegs and kegs of sweet sweet beer

The ever helpful and friendly staff at BHBG

Brats and knocks

Bratwurst ($8)

Eatclub or Drinkclub?

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