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Eatclub at Kangste’s – 12.26.07

Only the second official Eatclub meeting at somebody’s house, but the first time at Steve’s house and hopefully not the last.  Walking into the Kang Kastle, we were immediately put to work:  chopping, stirring, cutting, zesting, etc.  This was a very involved meeting which left no surprises as to what was being made.  The only surprise left being ‘how does it taste’?  The final food menu was:

Smoked salmon on italian bread with lemon zest marscapone and parsley
Arugula salad with pear walnut and lemon vinagrette

Main course:
Open lasagna with butternut squash, fennel, and olive oil.
Popeye’s Fried Chicken (regular and spicy)
Sauvignon Blanc

Chocolate Cake

Being that Eatclub met at our Chief Dance Officer’s house, I will keep the review brief and short.  The best dish of the night was the smoked salmon appetizer.  It tasted a lot better than I expected and my only critique would be to use more lemon zest.  Everyone enjoyed the Popeye’s chicken but this will not count as part of the review because it was brought.  It was a factor in the surprise of the night:  fried chicken and sauvignon blanc taste good;  suspiciously good!.  I think we may have stumbled upon a new taste theory here, melding greasy fatty fast food with quality tart and fresh New Zealand white wine.  It was a fun night indeed and we were graced by the presence of Kenny, Cathy, and Yulin.