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Nathan’s Famous – 05.10.09

Follow the crowd here

Nathan’s Famous
Stillwell Ave.  & Surf Ave.
Coney Island, NY

While I’ve had Nathan’s Famous hotdogs numerous times at backyard BBQs and shopping malls, I decided to try to the first and original.  The hotdog at this iconic Coney Island eatery is very good.  Much better than what you find at a typical Nathan’s franchise restuarant.  As the signs say, ‘Follow the crowd’ to the sidewalk counter and order up some hotdogs and fries.  The ‘dog was perfectly cooked in its natural casing skin and steamed bun.  This New York style hotdog has juicy intense innards wrapped in the skin that snaps as you bite into it.  The hearty helping of fries were hot and fresh.  Don’t forget to grab plenty of the spicy mustard as it accentuates the flavors of this meal and ties everything together.


Hotdogs of course

Keep an eye out for the hungry seagulls

Try eating 59.5 of these in 10 minutes

Hotdog $3.15, Fries $2.69, lemonade $2.35, eating at the Coney Island original…priceless

The eater’s point of view.

Golden fries with the characteristic potato pitchfork

Spicy mustard in perfect low-rimmed dipping vessel


New York Hot Dog & Coffee – 10.16.08

245 Bleeker Street
New York, NY

With one of the highest turnout for a NYC venture,
the expectations for NY hotdog buzzed through the air.
Unfortunately the buzz turned out to be flies circling around a mound of dog poo.

a. bulgogi hot dog
6.5/10 with pickles
7/10 without pickles.
their most famous hot dog had a pretty good combination of lettuce, hot dog and bulkogi (bulgogi = korean meat). as a korean though, wasn’t too impressed. was extra salty with pickle, still a bit salty even without the pickle. still, it tasted pretty good. i liked the toasted bread concept.

b. J dog
nothing special, in fact a bit dissapointing
Jdog = pickles with relish.
c. chili cheese dog
ehh. i’ve had better. chili wasn’t really that good.

d. chicken dak kahlbi dog
do not try this hot dog. admire the attempt, but sometimes attempts backfire.
Overall Food:
bulgogi maybe is worth trying once. everything else, not.
n/a, no waiter service

quite spacious, nicely lit place.

considering it’s hot dogs, paying $5 for one seemed pretty unreasonable.

the bulgogi hot dog may be worth trying once. maybe. for the novelty factor. just don’t get your hopes up.
would i consider going back there? nope. plenty of other eateries to check out in nyc.

side note:

across the street, there were 4 stores adjacent to each other,
a bakery, seafood, meat, and cheese store.
ALL RATED A 27/30 in zagat! for those of you not familiar with zagat, those are really, really high zagat ratings.

only the bread store was open at 9pm, couple of them tasted really good, the others tasted a bit stale (prob b/c it was 9 at night) but def worth checking out and buying from all 4 stores, especially if you are in nyc and want to cook. something i learned, don’t expect your food to taste great if you cook with crap. you cook with crap, you end up with crap. even the best chefs in the world cant make crap taste something more than crap.

singing off,

Bru’s Review

I wholly agree with our CDO’s review but I would like to highlight a few things.

1.  SALTY.  Bulgogi is already salty.  Add to that a hot dog and pickles and you have your salt intake for a week.  No condiments needed as they will only add to the saltiness.

2. They have a bulgogi sandwich, which is a hotdog bun and korean beef topped with the usual pickle and lettuce.  It is not bad as the flavor of the beef comes through with the added benefit of less salt from the hot dog.  Not much of a value as you get the same amount of beef as the bulgogi hot dog for the same price.

3. Decor is hip and trendy.  I was surprised by the spacious seating area in the back with wall murals, glass roof, music, and round stools.  Just dim the lights and add a DJ booth and you have yourself the hottest new hot dog lounge in NYC.

Overall, I give it 5/10 hotdog buns.  Check it out as it is something different, but there are better bulgogi and hot dogs out there…