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28 Cornelia St
(between 4th St & Bleecker St)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 691-2223

– – – – – — –

Something smells.
Those were my first thoughts as we entered the restaurants.
At first i thought it was artificial, but as i looked around,
the restaurant had a huge budding tree – I was smelling the
scent of fresh flowers, which heavenly wafted through the dining area.

Onto the review:

mozzarella di bufala –
fresh buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and basil

polpettine di carne –
homemade meatballs with roasted tomato sauce and fresh basil
my personal recommendation – dont’ get this dish. you only get 4 tiny tiny meatballs.

homemade pasta filled with spinach and buffalo ricotta in a tomato sauce
– wasn’t too impressed.

pollo ruspante al limone –
heritage foods free range chicken roasted in a light cream lemon sauce, served with sautéed greenmarket vegetables

Overall Food: 7.2/10

Value: 1.5/10
with a pitcher of sangria – came out to $75 dollars… a person

Decor: 8.5/10
pretty, quaint place. great for a date

Service: 7.5/10
service wasn’t too bad.

sit in the garden, in the back in the warmer months.
– – – – –

Value = price + quantity (quality is not a variable)

10 – so good makes u want to cry/fart at the same time
9.5-9.9999 – superb. incredible. mouth watering
9.0-9.49 – really really really good.
8-9 – excellent
7.6- 8 – above avg
7 – 7.5 – average
6 – below average
5 – why even consider trying it?
1-4 – the feeling of being pooped on by a pigeon while walking in the city
0 – 1 – taking your finger, scooping the pigeon poop of your head, and eating it


Angelo’s Pizzeria – 01.23.08

Angelo’s Pizzeria
Restaurant, Pizza, Delivery, $$ ($21 – $30)
0.69 miles | Map
117 W 57th St
New York, NY

– – – –

Calamari 7/10
avg. nothing specatular.

Rigatoni ala Vodka with Pancetta 9.6/10

by far one of the top pasta’s i’ve had. as our reviewers stated:
“i don’t know if i can eat pasta anywhere else anymore, other places
will taste like crap”
“the de facto standard of pasta in america”
“tastes as good as the pasta in italy”
pasta was perfect al dente, with a little bit of bite.
(-.1 b/c waiter did not offer cracked pepper, -.1 b/c the parsley was not chopped or blended in.)

Pizza plain: 8/10
with sun dried tomatoes: 7.8/10

it’s amazing how one ingredient totally changes the taste of the pizza.
the pizza was perfectly cooked, however, a bit too much cheese,
and the sauce was overpowered by the cheese.
also would have liked it if the herbs were not served whole, rather “chopped” aka chiffonae’d
(as basil is not recommended to be chopped)
the sun dried – provided a little bit of twang..a little too overpowering though.

Overall Food 8/10
Value 8.5/10
$17/a person including tax/tip. not bad for nyc.

Decor 7/10
roomy but nothing specatulor
“I’m thankful for eat club, if not for today, I would have never have walked judging soley from appearance”

Service 6.5/10
slow. had to waive down, didn’t really ask how we were doing.
family style. great for large parties – as the family style promotes sharing. Because sharing is caring.
– – – – –

Value = price + quantity (quality is not a variable)

*note* as a bona fide pizza critic, i am pretty harsh on my pizza.
therefore my guide is in tribute to the various pizza joints i’ve had.

10 – di fara
9.5-9.9999 – sally’s apizz (new haven)
9.0-9.49 – grimaldi’s
8-9 – pizza suprema
7.6- 8 – angelos & nicks
7 – 7.5 – any new jersey pizza joint
6 – pizza hut
5 – chicago pizza (really disliked it when i visited)
1-4 – store bought – bake in your own oven pizza (aka di journo)
0 – 1 – domino’s pizza

– kangsta

Piazza Orsillo – 01.03.08

120 Cedar Grove Lane
Somerset, NJ

Typical Joisey Italian pizza joint. Standard fare of thin crust style pizzas, strombolis, calzones, dinners, subs, etc. What makes it stand out you ask? Their eggplant parmesan sandwich. Not only is it tasty, it is $9 and change for a whole (a real whole). Formidable task to finish solo, just enough when you half it with a friend, buddy, or a date. It’s also a little messy so it should be a good opportunity to wipe the mouth of said date to score some points. Wipe the mouth of your buddy and that’s just a little weird. Back to the sandwich, the fried eggplant is not too crispy; a little soggy actually. However, it is nice and oily and I surmise they fry the ‘plant in some half decent quality olive oil. Add to that the tangy red sauce and generous topping of mozzarella cheese in the proper ratios and you have a perfect (and veggie friendly) sandwich to satisfy your munchies. I’ve tried their pizzas and they are decent. The chicken cutlet I personally think is below average. However, my mouth waters every time I drive by for the eggplant parm. Yum.

'plant parmesan

Tasty and cheap, less than $10 for a big sandwich!

Pizza and chicken cutlet at or below average

Eat it quick because like a proper eggplant, meatball, chicken parm should do, it gets soggy fast! Like many things in life, ugly but necessary.