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Shater Abbas – 04.14.09

Shater Abbas
Mubarkiya, Kuwait City
Tel:  2420030/1

WMDs in an Iranian Restuarant?  If you mean Wonderful Meat Dinner, then yes, this is the place to find it.  Found just outside the Kuwait open air market in Kuwait City, Shater Abbas is a no frills and all taste Iranian dining experience.  Its humble appearance and low-key atmosphere is no way a reflection of the caliber of food served.

Hungry eaters

We ordered a mix grill of kebabs, stuffed grape leaves, yogurt cucumber dip, potato stew, okra, homous, fatoush, tabouleh, and 2 kinds of rice.  What we didn’t realize was that bread, salad, and soup accompany every order.  What a memorable WMD this was going to be.

A basket of mouthwatering bread (note all the sesame seeds)

Unending salad

The soup is much tastier than it looks.


Fatoush (think middle-eastern caesar salad)


Stuffed grape leaves

The fresh baked bread was fantastic.  Crisp exterior with a soft and chewy middle, the sesame seeds made it extra special and tasty.  Perfect by itself or to dip into a soup, sauce, or hold a chunk of kebab, it came in endless baskets and one could have happily eaten this alone.  The salad was a lightly dressed mix of arugala, green onion, mint, onion, and some other unknown green.  Very leafy and fresh tasting, it prepared us for the meat bonanza that was ahead of us.  The soup was a chicken based lentil soup.  It was light with creamy mouthfeel from the pureed lentils.  Really good, especially with fresh squeezed lemon.  We were already feeling full and our order had not even come out yet.

The spread

We ate and ate and ate.  The mix grill was very very good.  Lamb kebab, chicken tikka, burg, and sheesh tawook was a mouthful to say and to eat.  One note for the ethnic food buffs:  Iranian tikka (juja) leaves the bone in the chicken.  You will get pieces resembling hot wings but tasting like chicken tikka.  Another very pleasant tasting note about every restaurant here:  they go light on the salt and let the natural flavor of the food shine.  Everything is perfectly seasoned whereas most places in the states have grilled food that is just too salty.

Special mixed grill

Rice with lots of dill flava

My favorite rice plate

The entire meal was excellent and I doubt I can find better Iranian food without going to Iran.  We ended with strong mint tea and entertaining conversation in our private booth.  The bill for this feast?  9 Kuwaiti Dinars ($32) for 4 hungry guys.   Inexpensive and authenic, make this a definite stop for Eatclub Kuwait.



Nawara – 04.13.09

Nawara has blue sign on the left

Salem Al-Mubarak

The best beef schwarma in town for 300 fils (1 USD) ?!?! I can’t beleive it either but at this Lebanese style eatery, you can believe the hype.  A meal will set you back about 1KD ($3.50).  In fact, everything is delicious here.  Though this restaurant can be considered fast food, it is fast slow food:  fresh ingredients made into meals when ordered.  If a French crepe and an Indian Paratha had a child in Lebanon, you would have this bread.  Thin, chewy and flexible, this wrap is the perfect vessel for the hot and cold, oily and fresh ingredients that make up these sandwiches.  Also, this bread is made fresh throughout the day in front of a window for passerbys to see and drool.

Excellent tabouleh made fresh

Large falafel and schwarm sandwiches

Closeup of schwarma

Fresh falafel

Closeup of falafel sandwich

The schwarma, falafel, and kebab are very good.  So good that I have been eating here almost every day.  Hommous and tabouleh are also worth getting.  I have a new mission to find kebab and schwarma this good in the states.  Wash it all down with a tall glass of lime-ade and you’re in paradise.