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Bon Chon Chicken – 12.18.08

Bon Chon Chicken
346 Broad Ave.
Leonia, NJ

Considered by many to be the best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) in the tri-state area, Bon Chon has gained legendary status among young Korean Americans.  While the infamous Bon Chon Chicken (BCC) on 5th Ave. in Manhattan is just as much hip lounge as fried chicken joint, BCC in Leonia is a local eatery set in a rapidly expanding suburban main street.  Why all the fuss over fried chicken you ask?  BCC offers a new take that is cooked, packaged and sold much differently than the Colonel’s recipe.

Large order of wings (20pcs.)

Large order of drumsticks (10pcs.)

French Fries

Radish side dish (looks bland but really is’nt)

Closeup of the twice  fried goodness (the chicken leg, not Janice)

Take warning; like many other KFC joints, BCC takes some time to prepare.  Each order is made fresh so call ahead to save some time.  The chicken comes in two varieties, regular or spicy.  Regular consists of a soy-garlic coating that is first fried, allowed to cool, and then fried again for that extra crispiness.  The result is a flavorful, juicy, and crispy piece of bird.  The spices in the coating are not at all  sublte and with all the greasy fried-ness, some cleansing of the palate is definitely required.  Here is where one realizes the neccessity of the ever humble radish.  Its salty, vinegary, sweetness cuts through the lingering taste of chicken like hot butter through a cold knife.  Definitely have a soda nearby if the radish is not enough.

Nearing the end of the meal, even I was succumbing to the effects of that lethal cocktail of grease and soy-garlic.  It was becoming too much and I had to stop not because of fullness but of flavor overload.  The fries helped somewhat, but they are nothing special.  Just well-cooked steak fries.  Don’t miss out on Bon Chon, it lies somewhere between a fad and a trend so give BCC a shot as the standard of fried chicken Korean style.

The faces of a Bon Chon eater
1. Hunger + Anticipation = Hungerpation
2. Devouring with abandon
3. Bon Chon overload

Overall 7.5 out of 10

Soy-garlicky fried chicken legs and wings
Don’t forget the RADISH!

Long wait time.
Pricey.   Large wings or Large Legs each costs about $20.  ($1 per wing or $2 per leg)

The taste may become overpowering for some, especially when you eat more than 10 pieces.