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Florent – 04.29.08


69 Gansevoort St.
Between Greenwich and Washington
(Two blocks south of 14th Street)
New York, NY 10014


Nestled in the ever trendy and popular meat packing district of Manhattan, Florent blended seemlessly into the faded industrial architecture that lines Ganservoort Street.  Except for the pink neon sign and front window brimming with patrons, you would never guess this street contained a restaurant worthy of dining.

It was a Tuedsay evening and Florent was PACKED.  Its foyer was turned into a makeshift bar with hungry eaters sipping wine before being seated.  Be sure to make reservations if at all possible.  There is counter seating which comes in handy if eating solo or with a partner.  Promptly seated once we all arrived, Eatclub dined on french style diner food.

Mini Louisiana Crab Cakes with Tomato Creole Sauce 6/10
Crab cakes were just average and sauce unspectacular.  Crabbiness is desired in only one thing in life:  crab cakes.  Not enough of it here.

Escargots in Garlic Butter ?/10
I was reluctant to try because escargots always remind me of a snail’s beady eyes on the end of its stalks.  Yech.  Any fellow eaters have a different opinion?

Duck mousse pate 8/10
The surprise of the evening.  I do not like pate but after reluctantly trying, it was tasty.  Very tasty.  Smooth and melt in your mouth richness without the usual liver flavor cringe.  And the portion was huge.  Great bang for the buck and bang in your mouth.

Roast free range chicken 7.5/10
Chicken was moist with plentiful portions of both light and dark meat.  Mashed potato and side salad were excellent.  Why the average score you ask?  I could not tell it was roasted or it was free range.  There was no roasted flava and the chicken just tasted plain.  Tasted like baked chicken without any herbs or special goodies.

Grilled Skirt Steak 7.5/10
Just tasted one bite but cooked to order and was tasty.  Fries and green bean sides were great.  You really have to try to mess up steak or to make it outstanding so slightly above average is what it is.

Steamed Prince Edward Island Steamed Mussels (7/10)
I am not a mussels fan but I did try one.  Tasted as it should but would have gotten a more fair judging had I eaten more.  But I will almost never eat mussels in a restaurant for reasons of my own.  Great value however as you get a heaping bowl full of the black bivalves for $13 clams.

Table of EC executives as seen from the kiddie table

Affordable french food served diner style.  And its open 24 hours!
Pate is worth it and so are the mussels (if you’re into that sort of stuff)

Can get very crowded, as it was that Tuesday night
Tight space; even if you’re not 5ft and 300lbs. you will feel like it at your table.

The front facade of the restaurant, ick.

EC these days always seems to end with trendy Korean frozen yogurt (aka Frogurt or Yozen).  Red Mango is on top of the pack and it was deeelish!