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Arthur’s Tavern – 03.25.08

Arthur’s Tavern
644 Georges Rd
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-3313

(732) 828-1117

Arthur’s Tavern, it’s 24oz. DelMonico steak is famous for being both tasty and a bargain at $25. And for the truly carnivorous, a 40 oz. (2.5 lbs.) monster steak that takes an hour to prepare. Many-a-time I have successfully taken down the 24 ouncer at Arthur’s but in order for this meeting to qualify as an official Eatclub outing, we had to bend the rules a bit in order to create the perfect storm, if you will. Fourteen faithful eat clubbers came out tonight, some visiting from another state, some from another country, and some for the first time to EC. To hold EC near New Brunswick at a reasonably priced restaurant proved to be the ideal combo. Alas, the final tweak was that we will be trying hamburgers and not steak therefore not disqualifying the restaurant that many of us have been to before. Enough banter, onto the review:

Ordered a hamburger (no cheese b/c thats how a burger should be) cooked medium rare and had to ask for LTO and a side of french fries. And if you haven’t been to Arthur’s before, the pickles, peppers, and slaw are all you can eat! The burger tasted as good as it looked. Perhaps even better. Hefty toasted bun: check. Perfect medium-rare with sear: check. Fresh cold toppings: check. Despite taking 10 minutes to snap some hasty photos before devouring, the rested burger still overflowed with burger-juice (a good thing). The patty was just the right texture with a perfect beef to fat ratio. And you tasted buttery cow (that too another good thing), not bland patty or crumbly ground beef. The only thing that could kick it up another notch is some bacon and a smattering of mayo; I will have to try next time.


EC doing what it does best.

Eatclub hunk chowin’ down on a hunk of cow

Kangste’s Take on Arthurs:

Unlike our CEO I broke all the rules and got the usual 24 oz steak. The steak at Arthurs is really hit or miss, and unfortunately today it was a miss. steak today = 6.5/10. I asked for a medium rare steak, and got a well done steak. The steak, although still a delmonico cut, was thicker than normal (approx 3.5 inches thick compared to the normal 1.5 inches), therefore reducing the surface area of steak (translation – bad). Thus, less carmalizatoin is possible, which is the primary root of flavor in steak. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the weekday chef consistently cooks the steak one or two notches more than what it should be. So my recommendation is, on the weekdays, if you want medium, get medium rare.

I also got a chance to try out the Fish Sandwich – 6/10 and the Baby Back Ribs 7.5/10. The Fish sandwhich was blegh. no flavor. The baby back ribs were suprisingly.. decent. A great alternative to cow.


The BURGER. If you can resist getting the steak. Its $6 but fries and LTO is extra (a little whack.)
At previous occasions have tried the 24oz. steak and chili; definitely try these!
AYCE pickles and peppers that are homemade.
Pub feel and decor, good service, and plenty of space for large groups. Big portions and good value.

Might be decent elsewhere, but the french fries pale in comparison to the burger.

Trying to converse with a table full of friends with ketchup and burger-blood on your face.

Yes that carrot cake was bigger than Grace.