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Tayyab’s – 04.01.09


Tayyab’s Kebab House
89 Fieldgate Street
London, E1 1JU

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Killa Kebabs! Chicken tikka, mutton tikka (lamb), lamb chops =]…

The best kebabs and curry on my tour of the UK.  This indian/pakistani place has casual dining with fantastic curries, breads, rice, and kebabs.  We came midweek around 7pm and waited in a queue for over an hour before we were seated.  Never have I seen a wait like this for Indian food.  It was well worth it.

The menu is somewhat brief but anything you order will be good.  As we hungrily drooled over the menu, sizzling plates of spicy kebabs hurriedly shuffled by in the very crowded restaurant.  We salivated as we inhaled the intoxicating odor of grilled kebabs only to reel and cough as the spices lit our sinuses up.  The snaking trail of kebabs to its final table was often accompanied coughs and choking of nearby eaters “taking a hit” of the spicy aromas.

naan-thing like the real thing
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Karahi gosht (lamb curry), daal karela, karahi chicken , karahi bindi (okra)

Having mistakenly thought I just ingested a whole chili pepper, the caramelized red onion garnish adds a intense sweetness to offset the power of the curry.  Curries were served and probably freshly prepared in the same rustic metal bowls.  Order any dish with lamb, fantastic.

If you’re in London and like curry and kebabs, you MUST eat here.  If you’re not in London, plan a pilgrimage.  It is easy to see why Tayyab ranks among the top asian eateries.  Good price for great food, attentive service, and packed at all times: all indications of a great restaurant.

Reserve to avoid the insanely long queue.
Ordering the kebabs is a MUST for your carnivore and vegetarian friends.
Walk down nearby Brick lane for London’s version of curry mile.
Check out 99 club, hip lounge with drinks and live music.

Kebab and Curry Connoisseur

Dave and Mas chowing down on curry like only Brits can