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Kim’s Korean Kitchen – 11.28.07

Dinner is served

Kimchi Pajun (Korean pan cake with kimchi)

Kimchi jigae (kimchi stew)

Gal bi chim (braised short ribs)

Fried zucchini

Flan/creme brule dessert

Young’s review

eric and sophia, thank you so much for making my first staten island experience very pleasant. the food was really really great.

so here are my ratings, my first ever ratings:

getting to the island: 4/10 (the ferry was so slow. i thought i could swim faster)
waiting for a ride: 4/10 (only because i was the last one to get picked up)
apartment search by paul: 2/10 (no comment)
hanging out with the friends: priceless (my real reason behind starting this eat club)

haha, not much of ratings, but hope you guys enjoyed it.


I concur with the President of EC. However, I will have to challenge the statement made by YmK about ‘starting this eat club’. =)