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Queens Crawl – 03.19.2011

Eatclub spent the afternoon exploring the Flushing neighborhood of Queens and ate ’til we could eat no more.  Read on below.

Hanyang Supermarket
150-51 Northern Boulevard
Flushing, NY

Pho Vietnamese Restaurant
3802 Prince Street
Flushing, NY

Flushing Mall
133-31 39th Avenue
Flushing, NY

Geo Si Gi
15228 Northern Boulevard
Flushing, NY

Eatclub hit the pavement for some food R&D in the asian melting pot that is Flushing, Queens.  It’s no wonder the aliens from MIB parked their spaceships here, the aliens from China park their Camrys here too.

Hanyang Supermarket has a small food court.

Hanyang is actually a Korean supermarket but they have a small cafe in the back that serves typical Korean snacks.  The corndog is fried up fresh and is extra crispy with a corn-panko coating.  Soondae is a rice and noodle blood sausage and is excellent here.  I actually don’t like soondae but Hanyang’s version changed my mind.  The dukbuki tastes just like the ones served in Korean night markets, extra peppery chili sauce with tender rice cakes.  Definitely order all of these.

Marvelously crusty corn dog.  Order 1 at a time but why would you?

Korean street food:  soon-dae (blood and rice sausage) and duk-bu-ki (spicy rice cake).

Vietnamese restuarant called Vietnamese Restaurant.  Go figure.

We stopped by this restaurant for a snack but ended up eating an entire meal.  The food was that good.

A steaming bowl of curry beef stew.

Vietnamese grilled pork and egg rolls.

Vietnamese grilled chicken over rice.

Sophia’s furiously fast chopstick skills.  Woo-pah!

While not my first review of Flushing Mall, this was the first time I sampled their shaved ice.  It’s not super authentic or very delicious but what it lacks in freshness it makes up for in sheer sweetness.  It is crazy sweet, especially the faux fruit toppings.

Shaved ice with grass jelly, red bean, taro, and condensed milk.

Shaved ice with mango, passion fruit, jellies, and condensed milk.  Sweeter than pure sugar!

This is your face reacting to sweetness overload.

Geo Si Gi means:  caveman chasing wild boar with hatchet. (not really).

Braised pork neck bone.  How tasty does that sound?  Not very, but I don’t care, you must eat this if you like pork that is spicy, tender, and asian.  You get generous chunks of pork neck bones slowed stewed in a spicy broth with plenty of veggies and kimchi.  I could not eat this stew fast enough.  Literally, the tantalizing neck bones tease you as you slowly wriggle out each morsel of soft meat from every crevice.  Oh, and don’t be shy about using the vinegar dipping sauce, it ramps up the flavor to new heights.  At the end of the meal, ask the server to make fried rice with the left over broth, he will cook it for you right at the table before your eyes.

Gamjatang, spicy korean soup with aged kimchi and pork neck bones.

This mustard/vinegar dipping sauce is a MUST!

Fried rice made from leftovers of pork soup?  It’s true (watch the video).


Pho Viet Huong – 07.29.08

Pho Viet Huong
73 Mulberry Street
New York, New York 10013

(CFO modeling a Vietnamese brew)

(Chicken spring rolls)

(Veggie Spring rolls)

(Beef dish)

(Coconut curry noodle soup)

(Sliced fish noodle soup)

(Sweet and sour chicken)

The Short and Sweet

Probably the best (and only) pho I had in Chinatown.  Due to diet restrictions, I had to order the sliced fish pho.  It was mild, subtle, and tasty without any msg-heaviness.  The perfect dish if you are in the mood for something light and filling.  I tasted the broth of the coconut curry and it was intense and flavorful; I will definitely order this next time I go.  And the praise from the chicken spring rolls was unending.  They used real chunks of chicken fleshy goodness, not some ground up mystery foul.  The S&S chicken was an impulse order that had a more authentic tasting citrusy S&S sauce than usual.  Veggie spring rolls were ehh partly becuase of the oilyness of the wrapper:  if in need of fiber, these rolls have plenty of roughage which tastes pretty good.

Sophia gives a “9.2 as a pho place.”

“Mphrawhahgq” means roll this spring good is try…


Wildrice – 04.11.08

414 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840


Post review please!