Midtown Lunch 5th Birthday – 06.11.2011

From one food blog to another:
Happy 5th birthday Midtown Lunch!
I know it is hard eating in the shadow of the mighty juggernaut that is EatClub but hang in there, one day you will make it (whimper).

Eatclub spent the day celebrating, but mostly eating, with ML.  They organized a slew of vendors for an AYCE and AYCD ‘fest.  It was hard keeping up with fellow eaters as we devoured the best portable food Midtown had to offer while pretending to give competent reviews of taste, quality, etc.  We ate and drank our hearts out.

Certe’s lobster sausage sandwich with fingerling potato salad.  Oh you fancy huh?

Grilled roast beef from Tri-tip grill.

A tomato basil slice from Eddie’s Pizza cart

Ginger slush with mint courtesy of Kelvin

Ma Peche.  Bahn mi?  Oh my!

Lamb pita exquisitely cut on the bias.  Kwik Gourmet indeed!

Wafels & Dinges signature wafel

Biryani Cart’s Chicken Kati roll.

The master himself, Mr. Rahman from Kwik gourmet poses with yours truly

We enjoyed the opportunity to hit up carts that were Vendy award notables as well as venues that are open only during the day in midtown. All in one spot and all you can eat of course.  Some of the newer faces on the scene were knockouts.  Wafels & Dinges (pronounced ding + like the name “Gus”) had a delicious Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream and their homemade gingerbread sauce, Speculoo.  Dense and savory sweet with a crisp exoskeleton of caramelization, this small waffle satisfied like it were twice its size.  I predict Kelvin Slush as the beverage to watch this summer as they put a unique twist on the tried and true slushie.  Personally, it will replace the Korean frozen yogurt phenomenon going on, as my dessert of choice in NYC.  I’ll have the ginger slush with mint please.

The mexican truck, El Rey del Sabor was a let down.  The chicken, pork, and beef fillings were all bland with the only good thing being the actually hot salsa.  Super taco truck on UES is infinitely better.  Time to get another mint slush.  Biryani Cart offered a chicken kati roll that was mildly spicy but with almost too intense curry flavor.   Add to that a sweet and greasy paratha wrapper and this tiny roll is almost too intense to handle.  For me it was just too much going on.  Sip more of that slush to cleanse the palette.

Tri-tip grill presented their roast beef on a simple potato roll which was a carnivore’s dream come true.  Charred beef flavor was prominent and the time spent roasting all night paid off for the 3 dudes running the booth.  Congrats on a simple and well crafted sliced roast beef sandwich.  Time to refill that slushie.  Certe had a lobster sausage sandwich was as inventive as it was delicate.  Served on a crusty roll, the “sausage” was light and flavorful as well as alluring to the eyes.  Bonus points for charring grill marks and proportionately downsized shredded toppings.  Sip the slushie before it melts too fast.  Ma Peche showcased their version of a bahn mi with marinated lamb in a chewy dense baguette.  Intensely spiced and juicy, it was an interesting take on the classic viet sandwich.

It was my running favorite until I tried Kwik Gourmet’s lamb pita.  The humble cart with no line and stocked with 2 fully dressed chefs hurriedly prepping does not call much attention to itself.  After all, one passes by a cart selling some variation of lamb and pita on most every street in Manhattan.  They were the best cart there and I know I had to take a picture with lamb guru Rahman.  The run of the mill looking pita has in it the best cart cooked lamb ever.  Generous portions of marinated real lamb chunks in a warm supple pita with a rich yogurt sauce, it was better than the slushie I was habitually sipping.  And that says a lot.

[vimeo 25004256]

DJ Slushy Jeffy and standing behind the Fresh Prince of Pway


2 responses to “Midtown Lunch 5th Birthday – 06.11.2011

  1. i like your video. very clear. food photo looks great!

  2. nice job. food photo looks great!

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