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Boston Crawl – 04.09.2011

Corner Grille
806 Pleasant Street
Worcester MA 01602

Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
Saturday BBQ

Red Hook Brewery
1 Redhook Way
Portsmouth, NH 03801

The Clam Box
246 High Street
Ipswich, MA 01938

China Pearl
9 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

The Bell in Hand Tavern
45 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

Eagle’s Deli
1918 Beacon Street
Brighton, MA

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast

Saturday Morning BBQ Breakfast #2

The Clam Box

Bonus Vid:  Anna’s Taqueria

Bonus Vid:  Chinatown Roast Pork


Zinburger – 12.22.10

Promenade Shops at Clifton
850 State Route 3, #105
Clifton, NJ 07012

We had the zinburger.

The burgers come with mayonnaise which makes the burger soggy. Wanted to get the experience of the meat. The zinfindel cooked onions were really flavorful. The medium rare was not rare enough, but the medium-well was perfect.

The buns should be toasted. We forgot that we had manchego cheese, the mayonnaise was so over whelming. It’s a lot of burger, come hungry.

Lauren had the Simple burger – she also would have preferred her buns toasted, thought the hamburger was a little soggy, but she liked the flavor of it and gave it one thumb up.

The zucchini fries – are awesome, but maybe a little less sea salt.

Truffle fries – weren’t too much of a hit.

Service was excellent. Very attentive. Although maybe too attentive?

The ambiance was awesome – a lot bigger than what we thought from the outside. It’s attached to a shopping center.

Wines – we came on wednesday which gave us half price bottles of wine.
Russian jack pinot noir, very good, tasty drinkable wine

This completes our round of boutique montclair burger joints.


Paul’s Da Burger Joint – 12.30.2009

Paul’s Da Burger Joint
131 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

I had the Eastsider burger with ham, cheese, bacon, onion, mushroom, tomato and onion.  Nice and oily and the ham is a nice addition to the burger.  Everyone who ate it seemed to like it.  A top 10 burger joint imho but not top 3.  A real good burger; I would need to be able to eat medium rare and of high quality meat.  Even though i ordered it medium rare, it was cooked medium well.  Nice decor with checkered table cloth and a funny waitress.

– Paul, Chief Flava Officer

In-N-Out – 09.04.2009

In-N-Out Burger
333 Jefferson St.
San Francisco, CA

The famous and infamous In-N-Out (INO) burger.  I finally had the chance to try this fabled burger out west.  My quick opinion is:  not bad, not amazing, five guys has better fries and burgers.  Read the long review after the pics.

Clean restaurant, great food presentation, and fresh ingredients all with reasonable prices.

The wait, especially if going for lunch.

The post greasy burger, animal fries, and sticky sweet soda coma. ugh.

I can stare at this ALL day

If these fries were an animal, it would be a T-Rex

Subliminal messages or inspiration for the curious?

Paul demonstrating his animal-style

Don’t get me wrong, INO is very good.  I would eat there over any McDonald’s or BK any day.  It didn’t however, live up to the hype.  Everything is prepared fresh when ordered and they even let you SEE your food while its being made.  INO is proud of its offerings and treats their employees well.  Despite all that, the burger and fries fall short.  I am all about establishing baselines so I tried the single hamburger and single cheeseburger with onions and sauce.  Both burgers definitely needed the second patty, the meat to bun ratio was seriously lacking.  At least the veggies were fresh and crisp but that’s always the case in California.  I did not enjoy the fries and animal style did not help.  The shoe-string fries were too thin without any ‘tato flavor.  The addition of melted cheese and sauce only obscured the already little potato taste that was there.  I still like you In-N-Out, but I like my 5 guys better.

-burger bru

City Burger – 01.14.08

City Burger
1410 Broadway


Kangste’s Review

“Smack dab in the heart of manhatten, City Burger satisfies the hungery and weary.”
On to the review:


Black Label Burger
Their signature burger, why even go here if you don’t try it?
The meat is dry aged with a blend of “black label” cow.  I got it with the works (minus pickles).
I thought they added too much mustard, too little mayo and ketchup.  YOu have to request
to have them cut the burger in half.  The burger was very good. I would have liked it
if they toasted the bread.  A little on the small side.

Grilled Cheese
Surprisngly, tasty! Toasted, buttered bread, double stacked cheese.

Cookies & Cream Shake
If you really want to try to kill your heart, get this shake with your burger. I could only finish about 25%
before I started to feel my heart clogged with grease, fat and oil.

French Fries
Do NOT get the fries here. Considering that it’s NYC – very dissapointing, I would place these french
fries in the same category as burger king fries (not a compliment)

Sweet Potato French Fries
If you want to get fries, get the sweet potato fries.

Onion Rings
Not bad, a little on the oily side though.

Overal Food:
For taste, I would give this place a solid 8.2/10.
Just remember …do..not… get…the…fries

You wouldn’t come here for the ambiance, so kinda irrelevant.

not a server with a waitress place.  Sit down benches limited.

For burgers and fries, a little on the pricey side.

If you’re in midtown and are craving either a burger or a shake,
forget Mccy Dies (aka McDonalds) and check out this place.

Tip: order online before hitting up this joint and save 10%

10 – so good makes u want to cry/fart at the same time
9.5-9.9999 – superb. incredible. mouth watering
9.1-9.49 – really really really good.
8-9 – excellent
7.6- 8 – above avg
7 – 7.5 – average
6 – below average
5 – why even consider trying it?
1-4 – the feeling of being pooped on by a pigeon while walking in the city
0 – 1 – taking your finger, scooping the pigeon poop of your head, and eating it


Bru’s burger bemusing:

City Burger is a no-frills fast food type burger experience with one exception that lets it stand out from other burger joints:  their Black Label burger.  Concocted of a proprietary blend of premium dry aged beef that is only available at City Burger, this burger takes  you on a one-way flight to flavor country.

To get the proper burger expereince, I ordered the standard hamburger cooked medium ($6) with the “works” (LTO, mayo, mustard, ketchup and pickles), the Black Label hamburger ($11) cooked medium (no toppings, just burger and bun), and the onion rings ($4).  Let me first say, the burgers were cooked perfectly to order.  Medium has plenty of pink inside that is just slightly cooked, as it should be.  The two burgers were identical in portion size and buns, and differed only in the patty.  But what a huge difference that was.  The standard hamburger was tasty with juicy patty and fresh toppings.  The buns were nicely toasted on the patty side (a difference one can notice only when eating burger within 5 minutes of it being made) and though the bun itself was a little bland, it maintained the right burger to bun ratio.  It was a solid hamburger and by itself would make City Burger a better than your average burger place;  unless, that is, you try yourself the Black Label.

Hamburger with the works

Black Label and nothing else

From the first juicy bite, I knew this was no ordinary patty of ground up cow.  A rich almost buttery flavor of beef invaded my palate while I savored every dense morsel.  Each tender bite was juicer and more flavorful than the next and I flinched twice at my burger to make sure what I was eating:  it looked like a hamburger but tasted like a fantastic steak.  My only fault with the Black Label, if it can be considered one, is that I wish it were bigger.

Black Label Burger, order it cooked medium or less and with no toppings for the full experience
Onion rings and Sweet Potato Fries
Decor is clean and functional but nothing to write home about
The chocolate shake: thick and sweetness with depth

Not much room for large groups (stool seating)
The french fries, don’t get them.
$11 for a burger does not make burgernomics sense (until you try it)

Getting the worst seat in the place means you’ll have to move every time the restroom door is opened