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Brooklyn Crawl – 02.25.2011

Our temporary Texan “brewmaster” showing us how to brew with Chemex.

Baked storefront kind of reminds you of a chocolate cupcake.

Baked’s signature salty caramel cupcake.  Very good, especially the sea salt on top.

A pizza shop in the heart of a Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood.

[vimeo 20437397]
A slice of Brooklyn.

Dominick hard at work.

[vimeo 20437405]
The master at work.

Artichoke garlic pie just out of the oven.

[vimeo 20437427]
Drooling while shaking the camera.

So it looks better if you were there so trust me when I say you MUST try it.

Making new friends and catching up with old ones over a few brews.


East Harlem Crawl – 02.18.2011

Patsy’s Pizzeria
2287 1st Ave
(between 117th St & 118th St)

El Aguila
137 E 116th St.
(between Park Ave & Lexington Ave)

It was the warmest February day yet  and I decided to do a tour of the ol’ neighborhood with huge Spiderman fan Ethan.  The crawl actually started 12 hours earlier at midnight.  Recognize the food below?  Hint:  midtown.

Gyro, chicken, rice, pita, lettuce, white sauce, and atomic hot sauce.  A NYC classic.

Natural b-boy pose cannot be forced.

Fresh and delicious Patsy’s slice for just $1.50!

Nothing is hidden from view at the Aguila counter

What’s in the giant copper cauldron?

Comida made to order.  Me gusto.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Tacos carnitas and al pastor (L-R).

Patsy’s and El Aguila were the real deal.  Inexpensive and authentic.  Walk up and get 2 quick slices at Patsy’s.  Scarf them down while still hot and stroll over to Aguila for two pork tacos washed down with a cool horchata; all for about $6.  Huzzah!

Grimaldi’s – 12.12.2009

133 Clinton Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-2597
(201) 792-0800

The famous Brooklyn pizzeria has a convenient location for those on the west coast:  Hoboken, New Jersey.  It claims to be the only coal fired brick oven pizza joint in Hoboken, land of a infinite bars and therefore a similar number of pizza shops.  We were starving that evening and on the prowl for pizza.

Immediately upon entering, you feel the heat wave of the oven and the aroma of fresh baked dough with a hint of smokiness.  The pizzeria is cramped but comfortable inside and a lot roomier than the New York location where you would be eating on top of each other.

Fresh salad

Half mushroom/half sausage pie

A slice of margherita

A salad and pizza margherita, and a half mushroom/half sausage pies were ordered stat.  The salad was pretty standard fare but good:  fresh and crisp that came dressed with a vinigrette.  The pizza was delicious.  Thin and slightly charred on the crust, this pizza must be eaten right away (minutes) to truly savor not only the flavors but textures.  Otherwise, the crispness of the thin crust and the moistness of the crust edge quickly become intermingled from the moisture of the ingredients.  Thankfully it wasn’t overloaded with cheese so that the glorious red sauce could come through.  We unanimously agreed the tomato sauce was slammin’, thereby approving of the holy trinity (crust, cheese, sauce).  Not surprisingly the humble margherita pie was the tastiest.

Hmm, the pizza I think.
Serves wine and beer, pizza’s best friend

The toppings are sparse and not worth the extra cost.

Toxic pizza burp from pizza/beer/sausage pairing.


Genuine happiness, not photoshopped.

Mamoun’s Falafel, Joe’s Pizza, 53rd and 6th, Red Mango – 08.13.2008

Mamoun’s Falafel
119 Macdougal St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 674-8685

IMO the best falafel in NYC. A village landmark, it’s more than just the falafel that makes this hole-in-the-wall joint stand out, it’s the snapshot of NYC life it captures. There is only one narrow entrance to the dimly lit 2 table dining room/ordering area/kitchen. In there amidst the chaos, to-go customers, sit-down eaters, and delivery boys shuffle around and single file line emerges with diners patiently waiting for cheap and tasty middle eastern comfort food. They have schwarma (real lamb freshly sliced from the spit), kufta, various kebabs, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, etc.  NYU students, bar hoppers, tourists, vagrants, hipsters, and professionals all make up the line that often forms out the door.

Mamoun’s falafel. Always order more than 1.

Prepared freshly when ordered, the falafel sandwich comes with 3 falafel balls mashed in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, onions and tahini sauce. Pair it with the hot sauce (hot) that is floating around the tables in a communal squeeze bottle and prepare yourself for a flavor explosion. The fresh veggies and tangy tahini are a bright contrast to the crunchy, heavily spiced and herby fried falafel. The hummus is excellent: smooth and flavorful despite its bland appearance. How can something vegan taste so good? Truly a food miracle in my book. Grab some falafel in the quick moving line and eat outside on the bench to enjoy ethnic fast food with an eclectic view.

Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine Street (and Bleecker St.)
New York, NY

The Sicilian slice with a dusting of parmesan.

“Without a doubt this is the best pizza in the entire city,” Ben Affleck says in a NY newpaper. I have to disagree with the Daredevil. The pizza is average. Yes, I tried it only once and yes the fresh mozzarella slice looked good but I am basing my opinion on what I consider a reliable barometer of good NY/NJ pizza: the Sicilian slice. I have no idea what authentic Italian roots it has but it doesn’t matter. I judge by your plain Sicilian slice. It was large and cheesy and for $2.50 it was a great value. The large crust was airy and crunchy with some buttery flavor but the other 2 elements of the pizza trinity (cheese and sauce) were off the mark. I may try their plain slice to give it a proper tasting but Joe’s is about as unremarkable as Gigli right now.

53rd and 6th Halal Street Cart
Corner of 53rd Street and 6th Ave. Cart across from Hilton driveway and next to water fountain.
Open 7pm-4am
New York, NY

Very messy and very tasty.

Another NYC landmark, 53rd and 6th goes by many names: street cart, halal guys, platters, gyro man, street meat…the list goes on. And so does it’s line for food served in humble aluminum trays and plastic forks; a wait that can be up to 40 minutes on any given night. Why all the fuss you ask? Juicy grilled chicken and grilled gyro meat over surprisingly flavorful yellow rice. It is true the portions have shrunk from ginourmous to now huge, and the food isn’t cooked at the cart anymore, and yes prices have gone up but you will not find a better and tastier deal for $6. And who knows the city’s best food spots than NYC cabbies: where they congregate and spend their hard earned tips for inexpensive, quick, and filling food on the go, an eater must also eat. Order the combination platter with rice and pita, slather on the yogurt sauce and atomic hot sauce, grab a spot on the nearby benches and enjoy NYC street cart dining at its finest.

Hint: The other less busy looking cart across the street and diagonal to the Hilton is run by the same guys. When the line is huge, go here. Don’t let others convince you otherwise, IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME.

Red Mango
723 8th Ave. ( @ 46th Street and 8th Ave.)
New York, NY

Red Mango frozen yogurt with mango, raspberries, and mochi.

Korean frozen yogurt, or as I call it KoFroYo, has become Eatclub’s defacto standard post-Eatclubbing dessert. This trendy hotspot serves up sweet, tangy frozen yogurt with a myriad of toppings that span from fresh fruit to dark chocolate chips to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Its yogurt is certified active from American Yogurt Society (something like that) and according to its website, only 80 calories per serving (small). Healthy, tasty, and good for you. What more could you want? Perhaps lower prices but the quality is consistent and the shops are a hipplace to hang out and people watch. There are other KoFroYo chains out there but Red Mango was the first in the states (popped up in Cali first) and it is the best.

Correction:  Pinkberry was first in the US in 2005 but Red Mango has been around in South Korea since 2002.  Thanks to xteethx, one of eatclub’s ever vigilant readers.

All this in one night. We ate till we puked. Thanks to E, Soph, Bethany, Haeme, Annie, and YM for making it through this ephemeral eatclubbing extravaganza.

The city that never sleeps and always eats…


Chimney Rock Inn – 02.07.08

Chimney Rock Inn
800 North Thomson Ave.
Bridgewater, NJ

Nestled in hills next to Rt. 22 in Bridgewater, the Chimney Rock Inn (CRI) is a hidden spot for locals and those that are “in the know”. Rolling up to the restaurant on a cold Thursday evening, the place was surprisingly busy. It seems like a place frequented by people who live in the area who want pub style food in a relaxed atmosphere. We took our seats at a table near the bar and looked at the pizza offerings CRI specialized in.

We ordered 2 large pies: Margherita and Broccoli rabe and sausage pie. They were thin crust style and came out looking very tasty.

Due to dietary restrictions, I was only able to sample the Margherita pie. Nevertheless, judging by comments of the other eaters and by which pie was the first to disappear, it was the clear winner. Overall, the pie was just okay. I look at pizza as a trinity: crust, sauce, and cheese. Any toppings are superfluous and can detract from the true taste of the pie. That being said, the margherita did not stand out in any of those areas. The crust was cooked well but did not have a memorable taste. The sauce, nothing memorable. The cheese, yes it was “fresh mozzarella style” but it was not fresh. This is particularly hard to achieve as fresh “muzz” only tastes fresh for 24 hours or less after its made. Also, there was too much cheese for a margherita pie, while it was tasty and cheesy, it only takes away from the other 2 in the trinity. It did have fresh cut basil as a topping but either there was not enough of it or it wasn’t potent enough. I would order it again if I went there but the pizza is not going to attract me to the CRI. I would be interested in check out the other items as they offered a full dinner menu and it seemed pizza was not their only “specialty”.

Service was normal and the decor was well lit pub style with wooden hutches and bar. Entrance area is a little lacking and looks disorganized. Reminded me of a mom and pop owned Bennigans. Price and Value were normal.

Broccoli rabe and Sausage

Jenn Joyce and Margherita

Jenn liked the pizza, really

Margherita pie

Hidden hangout close to the major highway Rt. 22 but away from the chains and tourist draws that usually line the highway.
Decent Pizza. Would like to give other pizzas (with meat) a try.

Poor draft beer selection.


the End

Angelo’s Pizzeria – 01.23.08

Angelo’s Pizzeria
Restaurant, Pizza, Delivery, $$ ($21 – $30)
0.69 miles | Map
117 W 57th St
New York, NY

– – – –

Calamari 7/10
avg. nothing specatular.

Rigatoni ala Vodka with Pancetta 9.6/10

by far one of the top pasta’s i’ve had. as our reviewers stated:
“i don’t know if i can eat pasta anywhere else anymore, other places
will taste like crap”
“the de facto standard of pasta in america”
“tastes as good as the pasta in italy”
pasta was perfect al dente, with a little bit of bite.
(-.1 b/c waiter did not offer cracked pepper, -.1 b/c the parsley was not chopped or blended in.)

Pizza plain: 8/10
with sun dried tomatoes: 7.8/10

it’s amazing how one ingredient totally changes the taste of the pizza.
the pizza was perfectly cooked, however, a bit too much cheese,
and the sauce was overpowered by the cheese.
also would have liked it if the herbs were not served whole, rather “chopped” aka chiffonae’d
(as basil is not recommended to be chopped)
the sun dried – provided a little bit of twang..a little too overpowering though.

Overall Food 8/10
Value 8.5/10
$17/a person including tax/tip. not bad for nyc.

Decor 7/10
roomy but nothing specatulor
“I’m thankful for eat club, if not for today, I would have never have walked judging soley from appearance”

Service 6.5/10
slow. had to waive down, didn’t really ask how we were doing.
family style. great for large parties – as the family style promotes sharing. Because sharing is caring.
– – – – –

Value = price + quantity (quality is not a variable)

*note* as a bona fide pizza critic, i am pretty harsh on my pizza.
therefore my guide is in tribute to the various pizza joints i’ve had.

10 – di fara
9.5-9.9999 – sally’s apizz (new haven)
9.0-9.49 – grimaldi’s
8-9 – pizza suprema
7.6- 8 – angelos & nicks
7 – 7.5 – any new jersey pizza joint
6 – pizza hut
5 – chicago pizza (really disliked it when i visited)
1-4 – store bought – bake in your own oven pizza (aka di journo)
0 – 1 – domino’s pizza

– kangsta