East Harlem Crawl – 02.18.2011

Patsy’s Pizzeria
2287 1st Ave
(between 117th St & 118th St)

El Aguila
137 E 116th St.
(between Park Ave & Lexington Ave)

It was the warmest February day yet  and I decided to do a tour of the ol’ neighborhood with huge Spiderman fan Ethan.  The crawl actually started 12 hours earlier at midnight.  Recognize the food below?  Hint:  midtown.

Gyro, chicken, rice, pita, lettuce, white sauce, and atomic hot sauce.  A NYC classic.

Natural b-boy pose cannot be forced.

Fresh and delicious Patsy’s slice for just $1.50!

Nothing is hidden from view at the Aguila counter

What’s in the giant copper cauldron?

Comida made to order.  Me gusto.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Tacos carnitas and al pastor (L-R).

Patsy’s and El Aguila were the real deal.  Inexpensive and authentic.  Walk up and get 2 quick slices at Patsy’s.  Scarf them down while still hot and stroll over to Aguila for two pork tacos washed down with a cool horchata; all for about $6.  Huzzah!


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