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Last Legg – 03.20.08

Last Legg Chicken and Waffles
453 Somerset Street
Somerset, NJ 08873
(732) 846-8900

Only open for 9 weeks, Eatclub convened at Last Legg for some good ol’ southern cookin’ and it did not disappoint. Just a short drive from Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ the cozy eatery offered window-side eating, bright decor, and best of all fried chicken and waffles. Also offered on the menu are Jamaican Style jerk, various fried seafood, and plenty of homestyle sides. They all looked great but we first had to get the namesake of the restaurant, chicken and waffles. A visit back is defintely in order to try the other dishes.

Fried chicken and waffles combo with 2 sides ($12). A breakfast and dinner combined into one (read story in above picture). Salty and sweet, savory and greasy, how can you go wrong with those flavors. The fried chicken was excellent. The leg and thigh were perfectly cooked and juicy and the skin was crunchy and seasoned well. Don’t expect the Colonel’s recipe here, the chicken is more like home cookin’. The waffles were a great complement, slightly sweet but not airy enough. This might have been because the order was rushed as there was a long wait for our food because it was so busy.

Jerk chicken platter was good, very good. Plenty of jerk seasoning with noticeable heat. This too tasted very close to homemade jerk. Chicken was well cooked and not dry at all. The rice and beans were also very good, tasty and flavorlicious. The pickled vegetable side was something I never had before and it was good albeit a little intense. We may need a 2nd opinion on it as I’m not sure how authentic it is.

Sides. Scrumptious sides. I had difficulty choosing only 2 but decided to go with the standard collard greens and mac & cheese to set a benchmark. The collard greens were average. It seemed like it was missing something, perhaps pork for more flava? The M&C was excellent. Not too cheesy, buttery smooth and dense with a fine proportion of both the moist innards and browned cheesy top. Always get this as one of your sides. Washed all this down with the ice tea/sweet tea. The tea was good and was home brewed but I personally prefer a stronger and sweeter tea. Had a fruity flavor which was an interesting twist.

Authentic southern cookin’ in New Brunswick with reasonable prices.
Chicken and M&C alone make it worth checking out.
Cozy decor makes you feel at home.
They have lunch specials and daily specials.

Off the beaten path from Easton Ave., almost have to drive there.
Service was long, perhaps due to lots of orders (a good sign right?).

Cemetery view across the street reminds you of what will happen if you eat too much fried chicken.



Piazza Orsillo – 01.03.08

120 Cedar Grove Lane
Somerset, NJ

Typical Joisey Italian pizza joint. Standard fare of thin crust style pizzas, strombolis, calzones, dinners, subs, etc. What makes it stand out you ask? Their eggplant parmesan sandwich. Not only is it tasty, it is $9 and change for a whole (a real whole). Formidable task to finish solo, just enough when you half it with a friend, buddy, or a date. It’s also a little messy so it should be a good opportunity to wipe the mouth of said date to score some points. Wipe the mouth of your buddy and that’s just a little weird. Back to the sandwich, the fried eggplant is not too crispy; a little soggy actually. However, it is nice and oily and I surmise they fry the ‘plant in some half decent quality olive oil. Add to that the tangy red sauce and generous topping of mozzarella cheese in the proper ratios and you have a perfect (and veggie friendly) sandwich to satisfy your munchies. I’ve tried their pizzas and they are decent. The chicken cutlet I personally think is below average. However, my mouth waters every time I drive by for the eggplant parm. Yum.

'plant parmesan

Tasty and cheap, less than $10 for a big sandwich!

Pizza and chicken cutlet at or below average

Eat it quick because like a proper eggplant, meatball, chicken parm should do, it gets soggy fast! Like many things in life, ugly but necessary.