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Kim’s Korean Kitchen (revisted) – 04.01.08

(Lovee: for petting, not eating…that’s right, I’m talking to YOU Koreans)

New York

Kim’s Korean Kitchen is not the name of a restaurant but rather the description of where Eatclub is meeting tonight. The beloved members known affectionately as the Kims, will be hosting dinner tonight. Unfortunately, until Eatclub can buy a larger place for them, the Kims cannot accommodate a large group to cook for which explains the secrecy of this week’s meeting and the ambiguity of this posting. Do not fret however, faithful board members of EC will meet and hopefully some newcomers can join as well. Do not feel bad if you were left out as the rigorous selection process gives priority to dedicated EC eaters. To be invited in the future and be rewarded with such unique gatherings, simply attend more meetings and kiss butts of founding fathers and mothers. Simple as that.

Bul goh gi – marinated thinly sliced ribeye beef, Korean style (with secret tenderizing ingredient)

Kimchi pa jun – Korean kimchi pancake

Fried zucchini

Meh won tang (Konglish spelling?) – Spicy Korean fish and tofu stew

RIBS Sophia style (YmK pictured, not Sophia)

All in all, a crazy Korean culinary collaboration. I ate a lot of food and not because I was merely being polite. Everything was very tasty and authentic. Add on top of that, dessert wines hand delivered from California’s Napa valley by YmK himself and you have a dinner of epic proportions. Can anyone beat chef Sophia in a Korean food battle? I would like to judge that match. The shabby pictures do not do the food justice. You must experience Kim’s Korean Kitchen in person.

Delicious Korean food that will cure your hunger pains and bird flu symptoms and will tastily remind you that Eatclub finds excellent grub.
The RIBS! Sweet and spicy and fall off the bone tender. Perfect.

My bulging gut after dinner.

Beer that lost its freshness in November 2007. Ugly but necessary to drop this perfect meal one notch so that I don’t die and goto heaven.