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Son Cubano

Son Cubano
405 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 366-1640

Havana Ice Tea 8.5 /10 Delish, clean, refreshing
Mango Mojito 8.5/10
Tap Water 9/10 (what did they put in the water??)

Albondigas – home made cuban meatballs cooked in habanera sauce
expected hot, spicy, long, slow burn,
disappointed. meatball was good (one step up from above average)

Tostonos o Maduros – fried yellow plantains.
very tatsty

Fricase de Pollo ( i hate it when waiters have no clue what they are serving.
i clearly asked if it’s whole pieces of chicken,
he said they were chunks, i asked if he was certain, he said yes.
i guess not certain enough)
– whole quarter pieces with the bone with potatoes and carrorts, braised in a traditional cuban tomato and garlic red sauce.
not that great. wouldn’t recommend it

Arroz con Pollo
classic cuban dish, yellow rice with peas, chorizo and green olives toped with bone in chicken.
the rice was perfectly cooked – chicken was delishous,
not really an olive fan – although the taste of the olives did complement the rice

Decor 8.9/10 inside was really nice, and in the middle of our dinner started playing live music
Service 5/10 (they gave wrong description of food, see fricase de pollo above)
Value 5/10 – pricey

Conclusion: what does it say about a place if the water is the highest rated item? I don’t really know,
but recommend this restaurant. 2 thumbs and 1 big toe up.

– – – -Kangsta